Alpha 12: The sky is full of giants...

[h3]Hi Galactic Survivalist![/h3]
We recently completed the technical integration of the gas giants. Similar to the new suns, you cannot land or fly to the gas giant itself, but they will offer more than enough moons for your exploration demands.

Time for a few impressions of this milestone progress. :)

[i]Empyrion Dev Team[/i]

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30/03/2020 06:07:32

Alpha 12: Space Defense NPC Factions

[h3]Hi Galactic Survivalists![/h3]
What happens when you attack a POI in space?

The question may sound trivial. You fight, you win or you get defeated. But beyond that point, there is not a lot of interactivity. Small and large space bases alike do not seem to be that important for the NPC factions, otherwise they would defend them better and very likely have a garrison of combat ships or reinforcements, right?

We recently spoke to our Zirax Empire and Polaris consultants, and as especially our always slightly nervous, weapon wielding friends brought up very convincing arguments, we cannot let this be the case any longer.

Reinforcements incoming!

With Alpha 12, when you are on a hostile or unfriendly standing with the owner of the POI in front of your guns, the station commander will call for help when you are coming too close. Depending on the level of the playfield, the NPC faction's vessels will warp in after a while - or sometimes the call will remain unanswered. There are a few variations possible at that point.

You, as a player, will get a note as soon as enemy warp signatures are detected. But remember: the incoming vessels might only be a part of the full fleet coming for you. ;)

As always, the range of reactions, the ships used and other parameters can be defined by creative minds in the FactionWarfare.ecf.

Each of the current and upcoming factions will of course send their very own vessels. The Polaris, Zirax and also the Legacy have gotten a total overhaul of their combat vessels lineup only recently. If you do not yet follow our posts on hat topic, have a look in our [url=]‘Lore, Story and Factions’[/url] sub forum

You will not only find previews of the new ship types of the different factions, but also background info to the story of the game!

NPC Factions: Call For Papers!

That being said, we also want to add a few new NPC Factions to the upcoming galaxy. As promised, we will eventually open the submission phase for NPC Faction applications!

Submissions & Info: [url=]threads/npc-factions-call-for-papers[/url]

Spread the word!
We are looking forward to your creative ideas!

While you start to think about your NPC factions stories and lore, have a look at the all new Zirax CV turrets (WiP HighRes) you might soon run into. These will replace the generic “Alien turrets” on all Zirax AI Capital Vessels - step by step. :)

[i]Empyrion Dev Team[/i]

Zirax CV Laser Turret (HighRes WiP)

Zirax CV Plasma Turret (HighRes WiP)

Zirax CV Rocket Turret (HighRes WiP)
30/03/2020 06:07:32

Alpha 12: Part IV - Dialogues, Tokens, Loot and Services

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

While the Content and the Global updates from the previous dev blogs are pretty much set - given nothing unexpected will keep us away from adding them to the game - the following topics are a bit more a ‘What we plan to add to the game, when time permits’ thing.

[i](WiP NPC Dialogue with 3 answer options)[/i]

The following Prototypes have been added only recently to the Alpha 12 feature list, but have a good chance to be in the initial Alpha 12 release. If not, then in Alpha 12.1 and onwards ;-)

[list][*] NPC Dialogue with Multi-Answer options
Ever wondered why the bartender in one of the Pax Purgatory bars only wants to sell his beverages but has nothing to say? Want to play a round of Black Jack with those NPCs that seem to dish out cards anyhows? These are only two straight forward possibilities for the upcoming Multi-Answer NPC Dialogue system, Alpha 12 will add. The new way to set up dialogues will be configurable in its own (public) config file and you, as a creative or POI designer, will be able to ‘assign’ a dialogue to certain NPCs. We are looking forward to all the ideas our community will come up with!

[*] Dynamic Key Tokens
This is more of a technical advancement, as the game can now modify an item dynamically in the game to provide a specific function.The first implementation will for example allow the game to create an individual “Keycard”-item, giving it an integrated lock code for use with a specific device in a POI, like a door or any devivce that is using lock codes. This specific Keycard (Token) can then either be placed in a container or be added as a loot item, given via PDA or by an NPC. Of course YOU can decide what the 4-digit lock code looks like, for example using the super safe 1234 combination is always a good way!

[*] Per-Container Loot Table ID
This is where the new loot setup system comes into play. Currently the loot IDs are set in a config file, so all Zirax Soldiers drop a fixed range of items. With Alpha 12 we plan to add new settings, which will add the possibility to set certain Loot Table IDs for each container or NPC (spawners) individually and directly in your POI - overwriting the “default” Loot Table ID. This will give all creators more granular control over the loot drops for anything that has an ‘inventory’.

[*] Station Services
By those we think of services like, re-arm, refill (Fuel, O2, Pentaxid), repair and other services. To make use of these services, we plan to allow the pilot to hail the station and use a dialogue system or a specific UI to make a choice. Although this has just been added to the schedule, there is a chance for this feature to make an appearance in the main release.
Part IV of the dev blogs is concluding the initial series of 'feature reveal’ info posts.

We plan to release more detailed explanations, single-topic blogs and also in-game teasers on a regular basis, as we are nearing the Experimental stage - which will possibly start more towards early April at the earliest (No liability assumed).

Until then. Read you soon,
- Empyrion Dev Team

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Dev Blog Alpha 12: Part III - Content Convenience

[h3]Hi Galactic Survivalists![/h3]
Today, while the developers are heavily at work with the galaxy generation, NPC dialogues and such, we will talk about some of the more global content and convenience updates.

Global Updates
[list][*]Lots of POI updates, that should have made it to A11 already, like dust and snow versions, fixes on signals and triggers etc pp.
[*]Multitool: now works with UNDO in Creative mode
[*]Projectors can have a background layer
[*]Removed Alien01 and Spiders from starter areas (Crashsite and starter area)
Feature Updates
[list][*]Inventory Sorting (alphabetically, item type, food points, mass and volume)
[*]Increased Stacksize (up to 4000 per stack; Stacksizes are derived from item mass)
[*]Player Turrets can now be used on any NPC Faction POI (without having to cheat in ammo
and ammo boxes!)

[i](Sorting Options)[/i]

There are of course more interesting changes coming with Alpha 12, for example the new SPACE POI DEFENSE mode: Meet the renewed Polaris and Zirax Patrol Vessels, called in as reinforcements when you attack their orbital POI. We plan to do an own dev blog on this topic anytime soon.

[i](Zirax Destroyer)[/i]

On the ground Base Attacks, the Talon got a new building, the Talon Ziggurat, which will serve as a headquarter or ‘end boss' which, when beaten, will stop any planetary Base Attack from that NPC faction. The end of the Base Attacks is also now tied to a so-called ‘headquarter setting’ which any playfield designer can individually set to any POI. For example you do not need to use the Dronebase as a BA Attack-Stop for Zirax anymore, if you do not want to.

[i](Talon Ziggurat)[/i]

More content updates include:

[list][*]Reworks are planned for other devices as well (Armor Stations, Warp Tanks etc; feel free to make other suggestions in the comments!)
[*]We plan to rework the Alien Turrets and give them a consistent design appeal, f.ex for the Zirax
[*]All-new Energy Turret for the (planned) Legacy Faction ships and POI
[*]Adding Heavy Blast Doors (two sizes for now)

We’ll of course release more screenshots on the model and blueprints as soon as they near their completion.

[i](Blast Doors, Size 1 and 2)[/i]

[i](SV and HV O2 Station and Armor Locker)[/i]

What‘s on your wish-list in terms of this blog posts context, model updates and alike? ;)

[i]Empyrion Dev Team[/i]

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Alpha 12: Part II - CPU and Flight Model

[h3]Hi Galactic Survivalists![/h3]
Welcome back to Part II of our Alpha 12 feature update dev blog!

While you have read through the first part of this blog, you might have wondered what's added to the game besides the galaxy feature.

Of course there is a lot of code work going on on other elements as well, ranging from adding new features to the ModAPI, the Terrain Editor Settings, down to refactoring code elements and fixing and streamlining settings.

One of those topics has been CPU in conjunction with the new Flight model. The following might be interesting for a lot of players and all the forum discussions on that topic.

To start with, we will aim for a few balancing changes.

[list][*] Cut CPU cost on SV and HV RCS by 40% to make it more workable for small builds and on game start
[*] Tier 4 for HV will be increased (planned from 70k to 100k)
[*] Thruster CPU Cost rebalancing: Larger thrusters are planned to be more CPU-efficient than their smaller versions.
[*] Materials/Items/Devices in containers will get a storage bonus, in terms of a 50% mass reduction when computing max speed of the ship (the mass of the vessel will remain the same)
Further improvements of the flight model ( fixing issues with drag and lift calculations ) and smaller, additional up- and down balancing of CPU cost aside, we also plan to make a few more in-depth changes on these feature(s) themselves.
[list][*] Per-Axis Torque setting
With Alpha 12 you will get three sliders in the Control Panel > Statistics tab to adjust the Torque of your vessel. One slider for each axis.

[*] CPU Tier Buffs
Unlocking a CPU Tier will add benefits. The same way overshooting the CPU count is penalized, we might give you certain buffs or bonuses when reaching a new tier. For example we already internally added a 5% speed up on the booster reload time for every new CPU tier level. We are of course open to your suggestions on this topic!

[*] CPU Tier 5
We currently discuss an expansion of the Tier System - starting with Capital Vessels. The approach is currently not yet decided, but will be referred to as “Tier 5” (whether it is a real CPU Tier or something different)
We are looking forward to your thoughts! :)

This has been a little bit more condensed on only one topic. Expect more dev blogs about the other topics later this week!

Until then, take care. Read you soon.
[i]Empyrion Dev Team[/i]

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Dev Blog on Alpha 12 Features

[h3]Hi Galactic Survivalists![/h3]
Welcome to our dev blog on the Alpha 12 features!

We have dedicated the first release of the planned blog series to the most substantial change coming with the new major updates: The galaxy.

What does it mean, when we say ‘galaxy’ ?

Let's answer that question with a picture:

All these suns are visitable.
Some will have planets.
Some won’t.
Some might be void of anything.
Some might be crowded spaces.

This is where we will start. But there is more!

In Alpha 11.5, when you look at the galaxy map, you will only see one type of a central star: The default-yellowish sun. For Alpha 12 we have added all of the main sequence star types (archetypes, following the OBAFGKM scale; while the blue-white O stars are the largest and the orange-red M stars are the smallest). We also added a variant of a Black Hole and a Neutron Star.

[i]A little note for our Creators: The star types will be placed by a probability factor. For example M is a lot more common than O. Black Holes are rare. Of course you can customize the probability factor for each sun type individually.
Also, the galaxy you can see in the picture above, is configurable by the amount of stars (min/max) as well as the diameter of the galaxy (which influences how far the stars are away from each other)[/i]

More variants of star types will follow in future updates.

As you can see, the new “galaxy” is not just an “improvement” over the Alpha 11.5 ‘Multi Solar System’ mechanic. It is something entirely new.

Downwards compatibility?
Now you might ask: but what is happening with all the savegames and fixed solar or multi solar games started in Alpha 11.5.

The answer has two parts

We will add a “legacy mode” for the old scenario and savegames. The galaxy will simply NOT be generated. The downside: you cannot use any of the new features that come with the new system.

We plant to have a new method of how a galaxy is created, including the combination of a fixed part and a generated part

Point 2 might need some further explanation, but it's not complicated.

Example: Let's we want to place a system with a starter world and the home planet of a npc faction. You want to place those systems with a certain distance or on a specific, galactic position. You of course also want to have a galaxy, filling up the other solar systems spots, but you actually do not want to add as few as a couple thousand more systems in that config? :D

We of course have a solution for that.

Fixed-Random Galaxy Combination

This info is again a bit more for our creators, but as this was asked several times, we would like to share our current approach right now.

The method we currently aim for, works like that: you will place your “unique systems” and their parameters in a single sectors.yaml (similar like you did with Alpha 11.5 - although different in some details), then set the “create galaxy” flag to true...and the game will create the galaxy random systems AROUND the positions of your “fixed” solar systems.

Easy as that! :)
[i](Although it’s not even remotely ‘easy’ for our devs to achieve that)[/i]

In the end, you get a galaxy with so many solar systems you will possibly never be able to visit all, different sun types (with different colors!), in a combination of fixed and random generation and a legacy mode for old systems.

And Gas Giants.

This blog covers only the very basic elements about the new galaxy creation - but how does this sound to you?

[i]Empyrion Dev Team[/i]

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Game Survey 2020

Hi Galactic Survivalist!

We hope you all had a great start in 2020! We have been a bit silent on the current progress on Empyrion and you deserve to know what is going on behind the curtain.

While we still run smaller patches on the Alpha 11.5.x branch, the development on the Alpha 12 features (we are working on since early January), have already made some noticeable progress.

That being said, we want to share with you a brief summary of some of the features that will be in the next major update. These blog posts are currently in preparation and will be released in the next few days. Please excuse the delay.

In the meantime, we would like to announce our GAME SURVEY 2020: [url=]Participate here![/url]

This time, the survey contains additional game-related topics, questions about your hardware, your likings on certain game features and such.

Please also make good use of the surveys free-text answers, but please keep your replies on the spot and as brief as possible (so we have a chance to read them all) .. or instead, link a forum or reddit thread you already have set up on a certain topic!

Thanks a lot in advance for your participation and also thanks a lot for all your ideas and suggestions you have shared over the last months and years which have - or will be - changing the shape of the game in the future!

Empyrion Dev Team
30/03/2020 06:07:32

Alpha 11.5 - Refinements

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Being the last update in this years development cycle - hotfixes aside - Alpha 11.5 will not only add bugfixes, but also a few important changes and additions to enjoy in your winter holidays!

[*]Small and Large Optronic Bridges/Matrix are now craftable
[*]Loot Tables are now exported to the Config_Example.ecf
[*]We have reactivated the new, reworked galaxy map
[*]The Default-Random scenario now creates up to 6 solar systems
[*]Multitool has now a downgrade option
[*]HV Drills are now usable in space
And a lot more. Please have a look at the full changelog below.

Please contribute [url=]any feedback over here[/url]

Forum updates:
[*]For those of you that are interested in the Game Lore, we suggest to visit our Lore & Story forum, where we will detail more of the [url=]Backstories of important events in Empyrion[/url]
[*]For our creative community, we also opened a dedicated Creators-subforum, where you can start challenges or share your custom playfields. More to come! [url=][/url]

As always: please report any bug and issue in our [url=]bug-forum[/url]

Before making a bug report, please read about how to use the [url=]bug section[/url]

[i]Have a great time and happy holidays from everyone here at Eleon![/i] :-)

PS: Although the development team will be on holidays from christmas to the new year as well, we have of course already made some plans for Alpha 12… ;)


Alpha 11.5.8 Patch 2020-03-24 (Build 2785)

- an exploit


Alpha 11.5.7 Patch 2020-02-28 (Build 2784)

- When a POI container is opened the UI can close by itself
- Some exploits
- Zirax base attack behavior error
- Net code exception
- Vessel crosshair can get 'stuck' when adjustments are trying to be made when the weapon is in range of a target
- Faction chat messages not always shown in-game
- [MP] Docked vessels moving when the player returns to them


Alpha 11.5.6 Patch 2020-01-29 (Build 2777)

- CoQ from LCD signs when approaching a structure with an LCD with "bad" content
- Rockets kill its own pilot


Alpha 11.5.5 Patch 2020-01-22 (Build 2776)

- Fixed COQ when opening Advanced Constructor (improved template recursion detection)


Alpha 11.5.5 Patch 2020-01-21 (Build 2775)

- Updated: Merc MX5E (Thanks to jrandall; Alpha 11 feature & visual update + interior rebuild + prepared for upgrade to T3: info can be found on info LCD)
- Updated: FORGE Skyfortress (fixed medbay leading to getting stuck when spawning)
- Galaxy map: removed zoom when opening it
- CPU Extender T3 can be upgraded to T4; T4 can be downgraded to T3
- PdaScript: prevent possible exceptions and cleaner initialization. Read data from correct directory in subscribed managed scenarios.

- CoQ when opening the advanced constructor
- Item exploit
- NullRef spam in EAI Manager fixed
- NPC textures missing after playfield change
- DynamicC# (needed for PDA.cs) now references dll for old ModInterface
- HV's tilting to the left & backwards
- HV HUD does not show ammo-bar when harvester/drill equipped
- Console cmd 'gopt' doesn't show correct game options in MP
- 'CPU Efficiency' display in Control Panel's main page showed wrong on/off state
- Changing the seed in a randomized custom scenario causes CoQ error and it won't start
- Unwanted water texture shows through on terrain altitude zero (Moons, Dead planets)
- When a player returns to a previously visited POI & kills an NPC it can instantly disappear
- Template modifications in Config.ecf could trigger the client to close to desktop


Alpha 11.5.4 Hotfix 2020-01-09 (Build 2763)

- CoQ fix when using upgrade function in MultiTool


Alpha 11.5.4 Patch 2020-01-09 (Build 2762)

- Galaxy map: some UI improvements
- Less network RTT by using less thread switching
- Internal optimization should result in more performance if a scene has potential low fps
- O2 Station (SVHV) now airtight due to model change
- Changed description for Medic Station (HV), removed info about being a spawnpoint
- Add Offline Protection player options

- [MP] Drones becoming unresponsive & not moving
- [MP] Trees re-appearing after being removed
- Exception when opening double doors
- A face of the block shape Ramp C face becomes see through when when next to stairs wedge
- When light 6 is placed & viewed from behind the center becomes transparent
- Fixed flickering of voxel asteroid that are far away from the origin
- Client is kicked back to the main menu after selecting to respawn at 'Home base'
- Armored single & double doors frames can go invisible after taking some damage
- When SV/HV Cockpit 8 is damaged the model goes invisible
- Multitool: Possible to downgrade and upgrade other players structures and POI
- 'Wipe All' command duplicates POIs
- Landing gear 2 (Folding to side) does not mirror correctly
- Broken Deco: "AlienPlant11Blue" has an un-fitting, large movement hitbox
- Turret targeting in MP not working


Alpha 11.5.3 Patch 2019-12-20 (Build 2759)

- Ship randomly shaking behavior in some cases bug -> fixed


Alpha 11.5.3 Patch 2019-12-19 (Build 2758)

- Infinite speed possible fix 2
- Ship rotation speed bug -> fixed
- Space carrier have sometimes a mass equal to zero bug -> fixed
- possible fix for texture-streaming crash


Alpha 11.5.2 patch 2019-12-18 (Build 2757)

- added video option "Texture Streaming" to allow players to decide if they want to use it (default active on machines with more than 8GB RAM)
- added special config file 'Empyrion.props' to override settings if, for example, the game crashes early
- Added new story mission: Uncertain Outcomes (Requires Friendly standing with Polaris)
- Updated BAOs Trading Station, Polaris Asteroid Mining Facility and Planetary Remnant for story mission
- Updated help text of Galaxy Map

- Blueprint exploit
- Client crash when getting into the cockpit of a HV with ground repulsor engines flat on the terrain
- Pre-11.5 Blueprints are not update to the new torque / movement speed calculation


Alpha 11.5.1 patch 2019-12-17 (Build 2755)

- added workaround that machines with 8 GB RAM don't use texture streaming (to avoid crashes)
- Reactivated Auto-Fire: SV Pulse Laser, SV Raril Gun, SV Plasma Cannon, CV Pulse Laser
- Small Generator and Fuel Tank now also complete 'Robinson Protocol - Vessels" task
- Starter Orbit: Updated Polaris Trading Station
- Address issue with selecting a sector, but being unable to use the mouse to manipulate the data window (scroll, etc)
- Updated EAH:


Hotfix 2012-12-12 (Build 2754)

- CoQ when opening Marketplace from top menu


Changelog (Build 2753)

[*]Added crafting template for small/large Optronic Bridge & Matrix (Adv. Constructor)
[*]Increased drop count for Optronic Matrix/Bridge
[*]If active CPU Tier is lost, the efficiency will not drop instantly, but after 3mins
[*]Sending alert message when CPU Extender ( CPU Tier) is lost
[*]Increased hitpoints for BA and CV CPU Extenders
[*]CPU Extenders are now auto grouped to CORE group
[*]CPU efficiency is reduced to 20% when overshooting the CPU max limit by 100%
[*]Reduced min speed to warp to 30 m/s
[*]Ship booster reload time now affected by efficiency
[*]Ground Repulsor engine thrust has been doubled and CPU cost increase from 300 -> 400
[*]SV thruster: rebalanced all jet thruster by increasing the CPU cost by 10%
[*]Reduced technical max speed without booster. Space : CV 150m/s -> 100m/s, SV 200m/s -> 130m/s, Booster will allow to go beyond those limits
[*]Added DOWNGRADE feature to Multitools
[*]BA attacks can now only be triggered by players of the same faction or the creators of the Base (if private)
[*]Base attack, zirax soldiers will attack also generators and shield generators in random order
[*]Portable Constructor now available at Unlock Level 1
[*]HV Drills and Laser Drills now allowed in space
[*]Allowed several devices of level 1 and 3 to be crafted in Small Constructor (O2 Station, Small O2 Tank, Lights, Growing Lights, Ammo Box, Food Processor, Large Solar Panels and Sentry Gun)
[*]Increased Pentaxid Tank content to 500 (before: 200) to increase AU warp range for games under mass/volume limitation, reduced mass of Pentaxid crystal
[*]Reactivated new Galaxy Map (Not yet finished; See [?] info overview for features/handling info)
[*]Implemented new "OriginRestricted" feature for the orbits around the starter playfields
[*]Using wormholes now costs the full amount of AU traveled (1 AU = 1 Pentaxid; before: capped to 25 Pentaxid)
[*]Playfield settings: Added AllowMaxCPUTierSV, AllowMaxCPUTierCV, AllowMaxCPUTierHV, AllowMaxCPUTierBA, RestrictToOrigin
[*]Updated 'Default Akua-Omicron' scenario
[*]Galaxy map: stars now use color from sectors.yaml, stars in the background use grey now instead of white for circle and text
[*]Improved existing sun flare quality by optimizing compression on flares
[*]Improved nebula quality be optimizing compression (reducing visible artefacts)
[*]Updated stamp database
[*]BP Library : Spawning checks CPU Tier restrictions of playfield
[*]Updated Invader vs Defender II Scenario
[*]Activated CPU and Mass&Volume for Official Eleon US & EU MP server
[*]Added Crafting Templates for new Small Generator/FuelTankReactivated new Galaxy Map
[*]Added Small HVSV Generator (Unlock Level 1; Moved HVSV Generator to Level 3)
[*]Added Small HVSV Fuel Tank (Unlock Level 1; Moved HVSV Generator to Level 3)
[*]Only for Creative/POI: Add a new Core No CPU that behave like a player core but is not using the CPU system
[*]Only for Creative/POI: Add new NPC Core : Behaves the same as the NPC Core but is using the CPU system
[*]LootTables and LootGroups are now available in custom
[*]Blueprint Library info card now shows CPU efficiency instead of used points
[*]Relaxed server side player muting by allowing muted players to use faction messages
[*]Added some visual noise to shore lines of planet outside view
[*]Slowed down player drone rotation
[*]Added to public config: FuelTankSVSmall, GeneratorSVSmall
[*]Increased HP of CV Landing Gears
[*]Increased HP of SV/HV Landing Gears; Reduced Mass
[*]Updated: Ascalon Eclipse, Ascalon Nibiru, FORGE Heavy Gunship, FORGE Neoburst, UCH Storm MK2, UCH Raider, UCH Raider Technical, CORE Heavy Fighter, ZeroG Malo
[*]Added: FORGE Bulldog (Vermillion), Box Cutter Mk2 (XCaliber)
[*]Updated MS Titan and Rapier on CREATIVE Orbit (Station)
[*]Internal naming change of sub folders in save game folder Shared: now the folder names of structures are only named by their ids. Old folder names are still loaded.
[*]Improved planet outside view (sharper texture transitions)
[*]Showing volumetric light now only on planets (turned down compared to the last public release)
[*]Added an option to turn Volumetric lighting on & off (TURNED DOWN VOL LIGHT PRETTY MUCH, NO OPTION ADDED YET)
[*]Local Coop no longer needs admin rights for dedicated exe
[*]Enabled ConstructorT0 to be used for templates production location as ‘BaseC’ ("Small Constructor"; Previously: Small Constructor and HV Mobile Constructor shared templates )
[*]Low memory check detects if pagefile is enabled, and displays messages accordingly. It is now forcing low textures only when it's necessary for the game startup. Messages are shorter and cleaner
[*]Updated to Unity 2019.2
[*]Playfield servers with a PvP playfield loaded will not load additional pf's to avoid FPS drops
[*]Updated Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH): check [url=]changelog[/url]


- Jet thrusters can idle when used with cruise mode & maintain speed
- Fixed: Trading Stations broken in MP
- Fixed: Balanced HV tilting sideways
- Fixed: Vessel stats are not refreshing until the player gets into the cockpit & reopens the stats window of the CP
- Fixed: Retrieving the CPU extenders cause COQ
- EnableCPUPoints setting not persisted when setting for a new Scenario game.
- Fixed: Efficiency update for base bug -> fixed
- Fixed regression that adjacent planets on moons did not have the correct texture set
- Fixed: Multiplayer Reputation sometimes ignored
- Fixed: prohibit re-uploading a scenario you're currently subscribed to
- Fixed: Difference in torque values added by RCS when a vessel is spawned in as a BP
- Fixed: Some ventilator shapes did not mirror correct
- Fixed: [Player report] Supplied vessel triggering CoQ's when opening CP>Stats window or when trying to sit in cockpit
- Fixed: Cruise mode can only go to 100%
- Fixed: SV prefab uncontrollably spinning after rolling + CoQ from it's stats window
- Fixed: When a vessel is flying, rolls & turns in a direction (left or right) the thrust appears to get stuck
- Fixed: Placement preview of starter blocks AND blueprints does not vanish after disconnecting container
- Fixed: CoQ if resume a savegame in orbit
- Fixed: When AlienBug03 fires at the player no projectile is fired from it
- Fixed: Thruster flares can be seen to flicker & shine very bright
- Fixed: [MP] When trying to spawn a BP in MP a CoQ is triggered & the BP doesn't appear
- Fixed: Ship inertia tensor bug fixed. May change the turn rate of a specific ship up or down.
- Fixed regression in BP Lib window: playfield spawn restrictions are applied even with 'gm iv'
- Fixed planet clouds rendering in front of LCD text (f.e. when starting a creative game in space)
- Fixed: Rocks or ore bearings falling under terrain after being drilled
- Fixed: Not possible to warp to a 15.0 AU playfield with a SV
- Fixed: Ship booster > fixed boost recover rate + rebalance boost recover time form 23s to 20s and boost duration from 3 to 10
- Fixed: Request_Player_ChangePlayerfield causes player issues if destination is same playfield
- Fixed planet outside view not loading correct splatmap if planet was never visited
- Fixed: Wall shape L block can partly go invisible when another block is placed next to it
- Fixed: Lag when changing block of a vessel
- Fixed: Rocket launcher & plasma cannon shots when fired inside a structure can ghost through blocks
- Fixed: Trees, surface rocks & pickable terrain plants becoming 'Containers'
- Fixed exception spam on a playfield server started with UI and pressing F9
- Better fix for playfield exc. spam when loading instance and space playfield at the same time
- Fixed: Teleporter Doesn’t work with Type: CV_player
- Fixed: Color & texture tool with personal drone can sometimes not work (better fix)
- Fixed: Solar panel not active in some cases -> bug fixed
- Fixed: Infinite speed possible
- Fixed: Structure hull blocks micro stutter when moving
30/03/2020 06:07:32

Alpha 11.1: Stabilization, new stock Blueprints

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we release Alpha 11.1 as a 'stabilization update' for Alpha 11. As the name indicates, we primarily focused on bugfixing and a few more refining changes.

For 11.1 we temporarily have reverted the new galaxy map to the previous version, as the new map needs more refinement.
Please feel free to tell us, if you want to either stay with this known map or if you would prefer to go with the new one - with some fixes and adaptions, of course. In the latter case, please give us feedback what needs to be improved to finally replace the old one - thanks a lot :)

Please continue to use the feedback and info threads [url=]pinned over here[/url] for any ideas and suggestions on those topics.

With regards to the CPU system, we also started to add new, CPU-compliant stock Blueprints and also retired some of the old ones from that category. Please not only check out the additions in your game's Blueprint Libary (F2) but also head over to the [url=]'Vessel and Base BLUEPRINTS'[/url] section in our new creators forum, where you can comment on each of the new models - and even download the retired blueprints if you like to still use them.

Thanks a lot in advance for reporting any bug and issue in our [url=]bug-forum[/url]

Before making a bug report, please read about how to use the [url=]bug section[/url]

Also, ahead of reporting any issue, please have a quick look at the [url=]KNOWN ISSUES[/url]

And now: have fun playing :-)


Hotfix 2019-11-27 (Build 2724)


- Low memory check refactor - detects if pagefile is enabled, and displays messages accordingly. It is now forcing low textures only when it's necessary for the game startup. Messages are shorter and cleaner.

- Lag when changing block of a vessel
- Fixed planet outside view not loading correct splatmap if planet was never visited
- fixed several exceptions (CoQ's)


RELEASE Alpha 11.1.1 2019-11-24 (Build 2723)

- Updated version to A11.1.1

- MP: Trees, surface rocks & pickable terrain plants becoming 'Containers' if playfield seed is different to main game seed
- MP: Fix for exceptions on a playfield server loading an instanced planet playfield and a space playfield
- Rocket launcher & plasma cannon shots when fired inside a structure can ghost through blocks

RELEASE Alpha 11.1 2019-11-22 (Build 2717)

- Planet Life Manager - animals are not spawned if player is more than 150 meters above or below them
- Runtime memory check which informs when memory is too low and forces low quality textures if necessary. It will now account for memory used by the game itself
- Console command 'destroy' now removes the entity immediately without showing it dead for some time. Use 'destroy -dead' if you want the old behaviour
- added server-side muting of players incl. new console cmd 'mute'
- Set shadow distance in Best setting to 300 meters (old: 140) and in Good setting to 150 meters (old: 60)
- Mountains on planet outside view of class 2 planets are now 10% less high to not stick through the atmosphere
- Dedi will not add new playfields to a playfield server if this server needs more than 6GB of total memory
- Dedi now checks if emptied pf server uses too much memory, if yes process is killed instead being managed as idle server again
- Reworked and added new CPU-compliant stock Blueprints (they have a unique name compared to the old ones; thanks to Jennyphurr, Vermillion, Kieve, Zovya, Frigidman, jmcburn, sulusdacor)
- Retired some older stock Blueprints (retired ones will be made available in the forums)
- SpotlightBlocks are now available from the beginning (previously starting at Techtree level 3)

- Fix bug that dedicated server asked a playfield server to load several playfields if player join in very short time
- Better fix for 'gents' dedi console command mixing entities on a playfield server that loads several playfields
- Proper fix for sporadic 'Exceeded entity id list' exception
- Fixed pooling of drone prefabs. Activated pooling for Zirax prefabs (as example)
- Fix for sporadic warning messages on playfield servers: 'Cannot save FOW database for player X'
- Fixed for not possible to connect to a locally started dedi a second time, if there was a password set on the second start of the dedi
- Better fix for NRE exception with GetTemperatureAt() (=loading/unloading of playfield data)
- Old Mod interface: Event_GlobalStructure_List lists structures in multiple playfields (final fix)
- Completely hiding HUD with F6 while in a vessel and exiting keeps Toolbar vanished when trying to show again
- Ship max speed changing when turning
- ArgumentNullException in PF logs after warping to another playfield
- Fix for NRE when warping between Tull and Omkar Orbits
- Instances are broken
- Cruise mode for every direction but forward is not applying the correct speed
- In control panel -> CPU Statistics some incoherence with the CPU costs bug fixed
- [MP] No sound is heard from explosives blocks when placed
30/03/2020 06:07:32

Alpha 11: Flight model, CPU, Docking

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Those community members who followed the pre-info, live streams or even actively took part in the experimental phase will already have some insight on how the Alpha 11 gameplay mechanic changes and additions like CPU points, new Flight Mechanics and all the other features will affect the way how the game is played.

Said that, and instead of giving a lengthy explanation here, we would instead ask any new and recurring player to do the following: PLEASE read through the pinned [url=]INFO AND FEEDBACK[/url] posts before starting into a new game or giving feedback.

Alpha 11 is again a “game changer” milestone and we are well aware that such changes might break playing habits which were ok and accepted for a lot of versions. But such changes also bring more depth and diversity to the game and, as you all know, we have and always will try to make transitions as fluid as possible (by avoiding savegame breaks, f.ex). On the other hand, changing an old or adding a new core gameplay will never be frictionless nor perceived the same by everyone. We are taking all (fact-based) feedback and discussions to heart and, as those that are around for some time have seen a lot of times, we are more than willing to refine initial feature releases (although maybe not in the initial release) with those well thought ideas and suggestions made - if applicable and if time permits.

Said that, and on behalf of anyone here at Eleon Game Studios, we would like to express our biggest thanks to all those, that are constantly offering help to improve features with on the spot feedback and are supporting the game design on a global level. Not only by in-detail testing new and changed features, bringing up issues and problems but also by helping new (and sometimes also recurring) players to get accustomed to new features and game changing updates in general! You guys rock! :)

Now, without further ado, everyone please check out the feature list and the full changelog below.

[h1]Main Features & Additions of Alpha 11[/h1]
[list][*]CPU Points & Tier System
[*]New Flight Mechanic & Techniques
[*]New Pilot HUD
[*]Docking: any-to-any (except CV->Base, not needed)
[*]Thruster Rebalancing
[*]Base Attack changes
[*]Building additions
- Material Blockshapes (+16)
- Heavy Windows (Full Glas, Connectors,...)
- Railings (2 entirely new design groups: Metal and Metal-Glass + Double-Railings)
- New Hangar door models
[*]New POIs
- Default Survival Orbit: Wreckages
- Default Survival Snow: Civilian buildings updated
- CREATIVE Mode Orbital Base Start: New Base with Library (How To Build / Use Tools..)
[*]Technical demo for Multi Solar System: Akua-Omicron Scenario (MSS will be extended in the next releases)

- Version of Config.ecf has been increased - please review and adapt your modifications!
- When using available mods you might also need to update to their most recent version (please refer to their respective creators for further questions)

Thanks a lot in advance for reporting any bug and issue in our [url=]bug forum[/url]

Before making a bug report, please read [url=]how to use the bug section[/url]

Also, ahead of reporting any issue, please have a quick look at the [url=]KNOWN ISSUES[/url]

And now: Have fun playing! :-)

PS: Please note about the "Official Public" server: we will full wipe our "Vanilla" Eleon server and activate CPU system to get moderate feedback about it. The Official EU and US server will be full wiped at a later stage (around Christmas).

Hotfix 2019-11-18 (Build 2714)

- Workaround: Temporarily deactivated multi pf loading on pf servers to avoid problems when two pf's get loaded at the very same time (will be fully fixed tomorrow)


Hotfix 2019-11-18 (Build 2713)

- Ship throttle match speed instead of thrust
- ModAPI: Setting text on a LCD will auto-convert it to new mode if not yet happened
- CPU efficiency level reduced from 71% to 50% when overshooting by 100% the CPU max limit

- Fix for CV docking not working any more
- Speed is dropping to 0 when activating Cruise Mode
- Mod Interface: Event_GlobalStructure_List lists structures in multiple playfields
- 'Windows L' Window 1x1 damaged texture is is changed when the window's HP goes below 115
- Missing damages states for T1 generator & multiple armored doors


[h1]Full Changelog[/h1]
[*]Added CPU Extender T2-T4 for HV, SV, CV and BA
[*]Added 4 new collectibles required to craft T3 and T4 Extenders (Large/Small Optronic Bridge, Large/Small Optronic Matrix), available in rare and ultra rare alien containers as well as from all QuantumSTAR, Bertrams and Servant traders (more will be added, Default Survival > Polaris Orbital Trading Station)
[*]Added crafting templates for all CPU Extenders
[*]Added CPU information to 'di' console command overlay
[*]CPU Points system is by default active in CREATIVE mode
[*]CPU Penalties: Ships with at least one Core admin or NPC core or NPC core admin will no be subject to CPU penalties
[*]CPU efficiency rebalancing: 100% overshoot of the CPU tier level -> 70% efficiency
[*]Added CPU infos to list of data in Blueprint window
[*]Added option toggle for CPU system (CPU = OFF by default)
Base Attack
[*]Zirax attack Hacking Swipe has been reduced to 8-10m
[*]Zirax attack troopers have gotten a new behavior: When they are stuck, they will start to wander around (Patrol behavior) and check if their target (core) is in range once and a while.
[*]Hacking swipe for Talon Shaman has been removed
[*]Note: both changes are temporary changes. More changes are planned for future releases (Change of attack pattern, targets, damage balancing)
[*]Added new particle effect for Talon Shaman (visible during Talon Base Attack)
LCD & Projector
[*]LCDs: Replaced checkbox for switching between new and legacy modes by a button for one-time conversion from legacy to new (legacy mode costs performance)
[*]Improved LCD Projector:[list][*]dimensions and offsets now all have 1/4 block steps
[*]4x resolution of dimensions
[*]2x resolution of offsets, value is now also displayed in blocks (was 1/2 blocks)
[*]added z offset (front / back)
[*]added 45° rotations for all three 3 axes
[/list][*]LCD screens: increased character limit
New models & model updates
[*]Addel L, M2 and L2 Thruster for SV (available in Small, Large, Advanced Constructor)
[*]Added new Ventilator shapes
[*]Added new full-glass Heavy Window shapes
[*]Added 16 new Material shapes to all block groups and blockshape menu
[*]Added 2x6 new Railing types to Walkways & Railings group (BA, CV)
[*]Added 4x double Railings to Walkways & Railings group
[*]Updated Boarding Ramps (Removed front side ledge)
[*]Added standard and armored round, centered and corner doors (BA, CV)
Other additions & changes
[*]Allowing to spawn HVs in space
[*]Ship controller: add a small force in all directions on HV in space (for docking ability; HV can move in space with a max speed of 3 m/s)
[*]Added possibility to upgrade from Carbon Composite blocks to Steel Blocks
[*]Supporting now flexible docking between ALL ship types
[*]Rockets that are fired from a moving ship now always inherit the speed of the ship (additional)
[*]Docked ships are now considered when calculating the total weight of a structure
[*]Enhanced Blueprint Workshop: in Creative Mode structures with "forbidden blocks" can be published as POI's; they are tagged accordingly and can be used in the Workshop search bar
[*]Added type name and custom tag checkboxes to Blueprint Publish dialog
[*]Doubled "Steer your Escape Pod" message display time from 5 to 10 seconds
[*]updated playfield of "Invader vs Defender II" scenario
[*]SSG: Improvements to Sector Type parameter settings
[*]CtrModifier key now configurable
[*]Added blueprint name to 'di' output command (only available as game host)
[*]Add “Target in Range” Crosshair color change also to non-zoomed weapons and all fixed vessel weapons as well as manually aimed turrets (all structures) => crosshair gets red (bright) if in range
[*]Removed RCS from 'essential devices' as they are no longer needed always
[*]Steam Workshop now contains filter checkboxes for custom POI tags, e.g. "Terrain Base" (can be set when publishing / updating a Blueprint from within the game)
Playfields & Multi Solar System (tech demo)
[*]'Multiple solar systems' tech demo: distributed the planets of 'Default Akua-Omicron' scenario into 6 solar systems
[*]added first version of a Galaxy Map
[*]The LightZenithColor of a planet can force the light color of its orbit when the new playfield_static.yaml parameter OrbitUsesLightColor is set to TRUE ( playfields without this parameter are set to FALSE by default)
[*]Added NoShield parameter to all planetary playfields to make sure shields of POI do not recharge when brought down to 0
[*]Added OrbitUsesLightColor to ExamplePlayfield playfield_static.yaml (incl. explanation how to use)
[*]Set OrbitUsesLightColor to false for creative playfields
[*]Lava planet has slightly less redish atmosphere color
[*]A playfield server will now load several playfields (1 planet playfield and 1 orbit playfields or 3 orbit playfields)
New/updated POI
[*]Added new SNOW versions for Civil and Polaris POI to be used on Snow-Playfields
[*]Added new group of orbital Wreckages (BAs, but also a CV and a SV) for all orbits except starter orbits
[*]Updated non-snow POIs (Civil Settlement-B)
[*]Updated the Default CREATIVE Scenario ORBITAL BASE start with an all new Starter Base that now offers all the necessary info to get started with building and creating awesome stuff in Empyrion. The Base also has a goodie spawned nearby to toy around with.
[*]Reduced mass of Fuel Tanks (CV, BA) and Large O2 tank (CV,BA)
[*]Total Thruster Rebalancing ( Larger Thrusters/Jets more efficient per block/kg/m³ than smaller ones; CPU values adjusted to match significant increase of thrust power)
[*]Increased crafting times of all Thrusters
[*]Increased crafting times for all RCS
[*]Techtree SV/HV: Manual doors now default unlock; Shutter doors lvl 3, Ramps lvl 5
[*]Reduced Unlock-Level on SV Thruster L, M2 and L2
Technical optimizations and changes
[*]optimized explosion related code
[*]Setting max count of spotlights to 30 to avoid performance problems
[*]Suppressing now Unity error message failed triangles and outputting a warning instead
[*]Structure information text files in the Shared folder now have dots '.' again as fraction separator in all locales
[*]Improved the internal ticking of the game by using the unity FixedUpdate calls. Set physics ticking to 0.025
[*]Docked ships will not send position updates in MP any more (optimization)
[*]performance improvement when loading LCDs in 'new mode'
[*]Console command 'servers' will now list all loaded playfields per playfield server on a dedicated server
[*]Performance improvement when shooting a gun
[*]Pooling now rockets, ground blast and destroy particles
[*]Removed MaxFireAngle from items config
[*]Low memory check on startup, texture resolution reduction on low memory on startup
[*]Playfield server outputs INFO line now for each loaded playfield
[*]adapted the 'stoppf' command to multi-pf servers: when more than one pf is loaded only that one is unloaded
[*]Dedi: added server name and password to UI
[*]The two (helper) parameters Srv_Visible and Srv_ForceHiding should no longer be used. The only valid parameter to determine public visibility is Srv_Public. So please, replace them if you still use them.
[*]If none of the above mentioned parameters is in a yaml file, the server is by default visible, so if you want your private server to not be visible simply add a line "Srv_Public: false".
[*]Added IApplication.GetPfServerInfos() to get data about pf server processes and their loaded playfields
[*]Enhanced IPlayer by two new properties: IsPilot and DrivingEntity, added IEntity back-ref in IStructure
[*]adapted to work with multiple playfields per pf server process: pf [un]load callbacks have an IPlayfield parameter instead of the pf name
[*]callback for playfield unloading is called earlier (before pf cleanup is done), renamed to OnPlayfieldUnloading
[*]renamed Playfield to ClientPlayfield - this is now for Client mods only: contains currently loaded playfield
[*]INetwork: Replaced Dedi and Playfield DataReceived delegates by the common ModDataReceivedDelegate (since the playfield name is needed in both directions)
[*]added IPlayfield.GetTerrainHeightAt()
Updated 'Invader vs Defender II' scenario
[*]Implemented optronic items to NPC Trader to be able to build large CPU Extender
[*]Added repeatable PDA Mission to get CPU Extender items
[*]Reduced Resource quantity in the outer and middle ring greatly
[*]Added variety of Resources in the outer and middle ring to motivate more exploration to get the resources you want
[*]Fixed couple of issues

Bug Fixes:
[*]Fixed: Alien Dancer now properly "picked up" as Crew (Alien) instead of Crew (Human)
[*]Fixed: CoQ from global effects manager -> Solar panels
[*]Fixed bug with player digged out areas in far terrain not showing correctly
[*]Fixed: [Coop] 'AllowedBlueprints: None' is not being added in the dedicated.yaml in Coop mode
[*]Fixed: Terrain placeable devices (Portable constructor & water generator) get removed after terrain under them is drilled
[*]Fixed: Can’t connect to LocalDedi => App not Running
[*]Fixed: When drilling an ore deposit with or without a PD the drill can stop drilling until the cursor is moved again
[*]Fixed: [MP] Replace mode not showing changes made in creative MP until structure is respawned
[*]Fixed: NPC's stop moving when they 'fall' from a structure into space/orbit
[*]Fixed: Lower res textures appearing on devices - NGui camera is excluded from Texture Streaming computations
[*]Fixed: All AI controlled vessels (AIPV, freighters, patrol vessel etc) 'fall' when the player approaches them
[*]Fixed problem that when a passenger initiated a playfield change (teleport/warp), the pilot was not taken with him
[*]Fixed: Turret targeting other turrets below ground
[*]Fixed: Texture & colour tool 'Textures' UI glitched
[*]Fixed: Shooting effects and blinking planet atmosphere
[*]Fixed: In orbit the players suit light can cause the clouds of a planet to flash between white and black
[*]Fixed: Accessing and editing an LCD Screen or Projector will activate it, ignoring settings and power
[*]Fixed: Docked vessels can get moved far away from the parent vessel after a playfield change & remain 'docked'
[*]Fixed: Players can be disconnected from their vessel if their internet connection drops
[*]Fixed: [MP] Constructor Input & Output empty when the player quits and re-joins an MP game
[*]Fixed: Distant planets go black & disappear when viewing from certain angles
[*]Fixed: Text from LCD screens appearing on other LCD screens
[*]Fixed: X key already assigned to action message when X key is unbound from shield
[*]Fixed: AsteroidFieldRing does not rotate for Class 2 and Class 3 planets
[*]Fixed: AlienBug02 hitbox
[*]Fixed: Invisible block face 'Sliced corner A2' & 'Sliced corner B2' when next to other blocks
[*]Fixed: Small container controllers clipping through blocks that are placed over them- 06842: CoQ triggering after entering, exiting then re-entering a planet repeatedly
[*]Fixed: CoQ when try to open Chat
[*]Fixed: CoQ prevents loading into playfields with lpf command
[*]Fixed: {keybind(...)} PDA doesn't work in Chapter Titles/Description (and several other locations)
[*]Fixed: [MP] Not possible to load into a MP server if character was left on a planet
[*]Fix for 3rdp camera getting stuck directly above the player's head sometimes (esp. when the player uses the player bike
[*]Fixed: Motorbikes get caught in a repositioning loop when trying to cross over the poles
[*]Fixed: Base attacks triggering on a player base whilst honoured with zirax
[*]Fixed: Access to locker cause COQ
[*]Fixed: Base attack not appearing after alert triggers (full fix)
[*]Fixed: Reloading weapons or tools triggers a CoQ
[*]Fix for ship not moving in MP
[*]Fixed: CoQ loop from Drone data
[*]Fixed: Internal Error when destroying a structure with a selection tool active on any part of the structure
[*]Fix for terrain showing gaps sometimes
[*]Fixed: In "New Game Scenario" no Workshop icon in the scenario's list
[*]Fix for OutOfBounds exception when leaving a playfield
[*]Fixed: Long render time for structures
[*]Fixed problem with collider of boarding ramp on playfield server
[*]Fixed: Gameoptions flag ForvePvP was not considered in choose starter planet window
[*]Fixed: POI Shield Gen Keeps Resetting
[*]Fixed: Chunks of structure missing on first visit
[*]Fixed: Spawner set wrong in POI "Abandoned Excavation Site"
[*]Fixed: Survival Constructor stuck on backward time skip
[*]Fixed: shields cycle on & off repeatedly when docked
[*]Fixed: Copy Paste of multiple LCDs result in wrong order / issue
[*]Fixed: Previosuly placed Solar panels are not working
[*]Possible fix for ticks getting out of sync
[*]Fix for console command 'ticks' not working any more
[*]Fixed icon size of Sprite selection button in Screen Edit window
[*]Fixed: When a HV touches the bedrock it will get repositioned above terrain
[*]Fixed: When a vessel with retractable turrets changes pitch the turrets barrels aim downwards
[*]Fixed: Game freezes up & stops responding after a player base is taken over by zirax when a new wave is triggered
[*]Fix for slight camera stuttering when exiting a cockpit in MP in 3rdp
[*]Fixed: Weapons and tool effects remain after docking
[*]Fixed: [MP] R2T: Repair console 'last saved', 'Total repair time' & 'Remaining time' don't update when first opened
[*]Fixed: [MP] The repair bay 'Green' shield gets removed from the vessel it wraps around when a player moves far away & returns
[*]Fixed: Chapter window does not take CSV key
[*]Fixed: NoSkip does not work in COOP and bug carries over to SP
[*]Fixed: Items can disappear from containers when CE's are added
[*]Fix runaway "CONSTRUCTION" difficulty setting label
[*]Fixed: Removed wrong pivotpoint from BAJ_JunkT1_06.epb
[*]Fix for sporadic NRE when changing playfields
[*]Fixed: [MP] Items given by NPC's are spoiled when looting their corpse
[*]Fixed: Dedi: fixed that stamps txt files got copied into wrong location (NewGame/Stamps)
[*]Fixed: [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] Possible to symmetry-glitch 2 or more cores per structure
[*]Fixed problem that on bad connections it was not possible to enter the game
[*]Fixed: Corrected a bug that caused rockets not to fly their full range
[*]Fixed: CoQ when loading into a playfied with 'lpf' which can also make current saves unloadable
[*]Fixed: Blank inventory spots prevent scrolling
[*]Fixed: Scrolling in cargo doesn't work in slots below initially visible ones
[*]Fixed: Turret target options element becomes stretched out when turrets in the group have different target options set
[*]Fixed problem that tracers sometimes did disappear immediately after shooting
[*]Fixed: [ModApi] IContainer.SetContent doesn't work and removes visible in-game items
[*]Fixed: [MP] WA for 'Exceeded id list' reported from public test server
30/03/2020 06:07:32


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