The new volumetric lights on CV spotlights

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Part II of Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10. Thanks to your dedicated feedback, we already improved a lot of the new features and added a heap of new bug fixes!

Said that, the update also includes a few new features and feature refinements, as you can see from the changelog below.

Among others, we improved the “fixed” drill mode of the Hover Vessel by adding a fine-grained directional steering to the previously fully-locked mode. You can now use W/A/S/D and the arrow keys to precisely navigate your vessel while drilling. In addition, when pressing LMB in fixed mode, your drills will remain active until you press LMB again. Thus, you can now concentrate on moving the vessel (which is slower with fixed-mode activated) and aiming its fixed drills on the target area without the need to hold LMB all the time in order to keep the drills running! Remember the fixed drill mode is activated for HVs that have a drill module with SHIFT-O.

Alpha 10 EXP Part II also adds a completely new scenario, designed around the new “Base Attack” system you already got to know in the first Alpha 10 EXP iteration in standard survival (default-random scenario). But unlike the default-random survival scenario, the Base Attack Scenario will have you starting directly in a contested base. Take your time - but not too long - to familiarize yourself with the compound and ramp up the defences. Waves of drones and troops will come for you! This is a test case not only for the base attack system itself and how it can be scaled as well as an offer for you to easily drop in a COOP game with some friends and have, but also adds the first (code-side) iteration of the redesigned PDA tech - adding more setting and management options by offering C# as an additional PDA scripting language.

If you are a mission designer and are capable of using C#, keep an eye on the latter. We will release more info about that particular topic in the next weeks!

As always with a major EXP update, we worked in some of your feedback, eg., rebalancing, a missing corridor roof block shape, updated base attack rules and more.

There are of course more topics that your feedback encompassed, like balancing of shields, renaming of block shapes, so you can easily set up your own favorite block shape menu and more. Those will be subject of the upcoming EXP phases, so please do not stop giving feedback on those as well! :)

Please find all the changes and additions in the changelog below and do not forget to drop your feedback in our dedicated EXP feedback forum:

Please keep reporting remaining bugs in our bug forum and please revisit your reported issues if they are already fixed:

Thanks a lot in advance - and keep on having fun with Alpha EXP 10!


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.1 (Build 2468)

Increased Texture Resolution:
- Thanks to Unity 2018.3, we are now able to use ‘Texture Streaming’
We increased the resolution of all textures for our 3d models because we are now able to use Unity's texture streaming

Improved HV Drilling:
- Improved drill mode for HVs

> you can now dig very nice straight tunnels with your HV

> when your HV is in the fixed mode (SHIFT+O), you can now use W/A/S/D and the arrow keys to precisely navigate

> in fixed mode, pressing LMB will enable auto mode of your drills so you do not need to keep LMB pressed

- Added large drill module for HVs

How do you like this new large drill? (we did not yet add it to the tech tree or as a template for constructors - we first wanted to get your feedback about it)

Base Attack Scenario:
- We added a first iteration of a pure base attack scenario
- You will start in a base on a planet that is under attack. The Zirax launch waves of base attacks
- Your goal is to survive as long as possible
- The base attack scenario is intended for SP or COOP

Updated Base Attack in Survival:
- Allow also NPC bases that were captured by the player to be attacked subsequently by Zirax
- Zirax hacking now takes twice as long
- Zirax demolition tool is now half as effective against shields
- Increased HP of Troop Transport

Volumetric Lights for Spotlights:
- We added the volumetric lights now also to other spotlights (eg vessel spotlights or base lights when used in spotlight mode)

Updated Epic Weapons:
- Epic Sniper: does not use laser projectile anymore (uses again standard ammo)
- Epic Laser: now uses blue laser tracer
- Epic Pulse Rifle: now uses green laser tracer
- Assault Rifle (Epic): Increased DMG, Increased Reload Time
- EM Pulse Rifle (Epic): Renamed from Pulse Rifle (Epic), Increased DMG, Increased Reload Time, Small DMG to shields
- Laser Minigun (Epic): Small DMG to shields
- Heavy Sniper Rifle (Epic): Renamed from Epic Sniper Rifle; Significantly increased DMG; Increased Reload Time; Now uses Railgun Bullet; Small damage to HS and CS blocks
- Sniper, Sniper T2: Increased DMG
- Plasma Rifle (Epic); Renamed from Epic Laser Rifle; Increased DMG, Increased DMG vs. Shields; Increased Reload Time
- All Epic weapons: adjusted Rate of Fire

- Rebalanced hitpoints for Boarding Ramps (based on exposed area by 100HP/block)
- Tweaked HV Drills

Other Changes:
- Exported several models into own asset bundle to reduce size of main asset bundle
- Added left/right variants of new armored doors
- PdaScript is now persistent ie it saves its state
- Removed Recoil from Salvage Mode of Survival Tool
- Separated shield generator for SV and HV
- Slightly updated setting for Temperate2 starter planet (start equipment, distribution of POIs etc)
- Muzzle flare less bright on handheld drillers
- Added message when hitting not destructible terrain with the drill
- Updated model of Water Generator

Block Shapes:
- Added missing block corridor shape: WallInteriorCornerOuterRoof
> now you can build a complete room with these corridor shapes
- Improved texture mapping for several block shapes

- We optimized the spawning of NPCs on planets, which should result in a smoother experience (ie less stuttering) when flying over the planet

- Scripts console command is not executed as client with active EAC any more to avoid cheating
- Exporting now "ChildBlocks" to Config.ecf (so you can remove blocks from block groups such as deco block group)
- Added better description for PDA script cmd

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that when core was removed because of SI you could not place another core because of wrong block statistics calculation
- Fixed: When mining with a HV it can get repositioned back above ground
- Fixed: [MP] Shield will temporarily deactivate when changing playfields with SV or CV
- Fixed: SI causing a collapse when using line-plane building
- Fixed: Drilling visualization becomes visible on survival tool when dropped on the ground
- Fixed: When drilling a ore deposit with or without a personal drone the drill can stop drilling until the the cursor is moved again
- Fixed: Concrete & wood stairs are missing other shape selections
- Fixed: Shields stop recharging from 0% until exiting & reloading into the save after being disabled by damage
- Fixed: Some shapes when upgraded by the multitool do not maintain there original shape & get changed to another shape
- Fixed: Grass in wind motion too fast
- Fixed: Space plasma drones can take shields down to 0% with 1 or 2 shots
- Fixed: Exploit - Logistic POI access
- Fixed: Shooting at NPC Commander removes POI completely
- Fixed: Truss blocks when picked up from SI drops are not put into the correct Truss block groups
- Fixed: Screen resolutions may appear repeatedly in video options menu
- Fixed: Underwater area grants clear view if player is on the brink of the transition zone
- Fixed: Water plane sometimes appearing as 'Container'
- Fixed: PdaScript map markers not appearing in co-op mode.
- Fixed: SI collapse reveals NPC or Player Spawner preview (green or red dummy character)
- Fixed: Drill attachment laser showed briefly particle effect on placement
- Fixed: rocket hitting own BA getting stuck
- Fixed: Texture stretching on Rocket Turrets + more exact colliders
- Fixed: Mesh issues with new oxygen station
- Fixed: Difficult to interact with Human Trader (collider was too small)
- Fixed: Exception spam with sub-emitters when using HV Drill Turret
- Fixed: Local Coop server connection problems
- Fixed: Shield-Multiplier issue for handheld Rocket and Plasma Launchers in Config
- Fixed: Space map radar lines showing in sector map.
- Fixed: Exception when opening sector map.
- Fixed: Sometimes planet objects showing up in sector map.
- Fixed: UV issue on QuarterRoundV2 shape
- Fixed: LOD jumping of some asteroids
- Fixed: T3 fuel tank gets tilted slightly when orientated to be flat on a surface
- Fixed: In the vessels part of the Robinson Protocol changed Hover Thrusters to Ground Repulsor Engine
- Fixed: Damage state of Radar (Deco) had no textures
- Fixed: Health bar indicator for Asteroid Resource + removed level label
- Fixed: Issue with billboards after changing textures & playfields
- Fixed: Old mechanical drill was still purchasable from trader
- Fixed: Locked sector HUD element is now orange again
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
23/05/2019 06:49:36


Update: May 16, 2019 (Build 2450) - Client only

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Exception when drilling underwater rocks


Update: May 16, 2019 (Build 2449)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Dynamic HP calculation incorrect for some small armored steel blocks
- Fixed: No frames on windows on first game start
- Fixed: Water plane is blocking buildings blocks & terrain placeable devices from being placed
- Fixed: Loading of mods in client and playfield server even if not specified
- Fixed: Multi-player choose planet window localizing planet class.
- Fixed: Sometimes exception triggered after killing a NPC
- Fixed: Filler function of T2 Drill is producing Iron Textured terrain
- Fixed: Templates - Drill T2 required Drill T1 as input
- Fixed: Terrain Shader - Relief not working (only a regression in A10)
- Fixed: Terrain Shader - Cluster scale not working (only a regression in A10)
- Fixed: Some half-size block shapes missing sides when placed next to other blocks
- Fixed: New Armored Door with missing 'part'
- Fixed: Light block of small vessel was difficult to remove (too small collider)
- Fixed: Internal exception found in EXP dedi logs

- Increased version number to EXP 10.0.1
- Increased texture resolution for some models (Constructor, Deconstructor, O2 Station, Medic/Clone Station, Shield Generator)
- Improved filler mode on drill: Updated filler texture and improved blending/usage
- When drilling on top soil, dirt is now shown again immediately


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to start the Experimental phase for our upcoming major update. Alpha 10 will feature more than 100 new building block shapes, shields for vessels and bases, a highly improved (and speed up) drilling gameplay, an improved base attack mode, a new tabbed chat for multiplayer and a huge amount of bug fixes, gameplay refinements and other changes!

While many of the changes and improvements are pretty straightforward, the new base attack in Alpha 10 might need some words of explanation: Previously, only drones would attack your base, given some arbitrary rules, like activating the first generator or placing a turret. Starting with Alpha 10, the rules that will now provoke a base attack are much more meaningful and fully tied to the NPC faction system.

Basically, in Alpha 10, the Zirax will attack you with drones AND ground troops, if you manage to pi** them off too much. For example, building a huge base right in front of their noses and rising the hostility will most likely trigger an appropriate response. You better make sure your defenses are up and running, because the drones got more punch and the troopers will not only be able to blast through your walls, but will also attempt to capture your base with their remote hacking devices.

Last but not least, shields will make their first debut in Alpha 10! Shields are available for all vessels and for bases - in different protection levels. Please note, that these are not ‘bubble shields’ but rather are designed as an integrated layer on top of the individual building blocks. This means, even if you are inside a base, the shield is not a barrier, but active on ANY exposed block! Because of that, we call it, a ‘polarization hull shield’, adding a virtual shell with a defined value of hipoints (HP) around your vessel or bases. This of course also means that you or your opponent cannot add or remove or repair blocks or devices (like turrets) in the middle of a fight, as this this would feel like exploiting the polarized hull protection. You will have to make a choice when to activate the shields and when to drop them. ;)

The shields require a shield generator and Pentaxid tank. While the Shield-HP are “loaded” by converting some amount of Pentaxid, the shields themselves of course need some significant amount of power when being activated and run. When the shield is hit by weapon fire, the Shield-HP will drop, but each shield has a recharge rate to counter that to some extent. When the shield is loading up the first time as well as when reactivating a formerly deactivated (but not nullified) shield, you need to consider a cooldown/activation delay. So you cannot simply have a shield shut down and reactivated in no time. But: the shield WILL conserve its HP level when deactivated, and offer the same HP level when being reactivated (of course not instantly, but, as described, after a short load-up time).

As always, concerning any feedback: please give the new version a try and add your feedback afterwards. Some of the mechanics are - as usual - not fully balanced yet and some might see different stages of rebalancing in the EXP phase or afterwards.

Please report any bug in our EXP Bug Forum:
Please read the HOW TO REPORT A BUG ahead of adding a new thread:

Thanks a lot for your dedicated help!

Have fun playing Alpha 10 EXP! :)




1. Shields
- Added polarized hull shield for vessels and bases

Hitting a shield-protected base

- Added shield generator (Pentaxid is required to charge the shield and energy is needed to power the shield)

- Added shield info to Control Panel and a hotkey button “Shield” to the GENERAL window to switch on/off shield
- While shield is active, you cannot place any new blocks on the structure or warp jump with your vessel
- Allow Warp Drive Tank also on HV (now renamed into Pentaxid Tank)
- Pentaxid Tanks now accept stacks of Pentaxid (instead of single items only)

Feedback Thread:

2. More than 100 New Building Block Shapes
- Added 110 new building shapes

Some of the new shapes

- Added tabbed block shapes menu

- Added BlockShapesWindow.ecf for your very own custom block shape menu sorting and configuration

Feedback Thread:

3. New Drilling / Mining

- Removes terrain as a whole semi-sphere instead of small voxels (= significantly fewer terrain-updates per m³ changed = CPU saving and network traffic)
- Faster drilling (as a result of the aforementioned)
- Improved drill mode that, for example now allows to cut out tunnels more nicely (try handheld drill or HV drill)

- Faster resource gathering (less grinding)
- Added Drill mode to Survival Tool, so you can now also dig holes and drill with this tool
- Rebalanced: Survival Tool, Drill T2, Epic Drill, Debug Drill (Mechanical Drill T1 will not be used anymore; the Drill mode for Survival Tool will take its place - renamed “Drill T2” into “Drill”
- Added fine drill mode for Drill and Epic Drill
- Flattening mode now uses new drill mode and thus is now very fast in flattening areas
- Stronger filler mode for faster filling of terrain
- Merged resource drill and stone drill mode into one mode for all drills + survival tool
- Added new drill mode to all vessel-based drill (but without projector HUD element)
- Switched ordering of drill modes on handheld Drill and Epic Drill
- Handheld Drill and Epic Drill: Each mode now has a visually slightly different particle effect
- Added better muzzle flash to Survival Tool, Drill and Epic Drill

Feedback Thread:

4. New Base Attack

- Zirax Ground troops can now invade player bases

- Zirax Ground troops have 2 types of special weapons: Demolition Tool (cuts through ANY material) and Remote Hacking Device (can hack/replace a core remotely)

The demolition tool in action

The remote hacking device in action

- Several rules and parameters for base attack probability calculation (Added Base Attack coefficients to Control Panel statistics page)

Feedback Thread:

5. New Multiplayer Chat

- Added new chat system with tabs and many convenience features
- Chat now has an auto-complete popup list for names / factions (use Up, Down, PgUp, PgDown and Enter to control)
- Shows Alliance channel messages
- Chat input field scrolls with long texts
- Added 'new messages' indicator per channel
- Added cycling through Tabs with CTRL + Left/Right
- Added "/clr" chat command to clear a chat channel
- Added separator to show what messages are new

6. Updated Terrain

- Structural integrity of terrain: terrain supports first version of SI by removing not connected terrain pieces
- Changes in terrain made are now also visible in the distance (before: terrain changes were only visible close to player)
- Reduced stuttering when flying over terrain



- Added new lava planet: LavaNascent

- Added new CV Containers

- Added new deco Antenna Blocks
- Added new sizes for Boarding Ramps
- Added more variants to Armored Doors
- Added human trader "TraderHuman"
- Updated current biome sounds and added new tracks (thanks to Alex). These new tracks can be used in playfield.yaml: AlteredPhase, Anomalous, Apogee, Artefact, Blight, ColdDivide, Dusk, Fragments, Ghost, Magnitude, Obelisk, Praxis

Gameplay Improvements:
- Implemented faction dropdown for Traders: you can now set the trader to a different faction than the POI he spawned in, eg you can spawn a Admin POI and set the trader to the Zirax faction
- Cockpit: allowing to turn head for 150° in FPV mode (old was 75°) to better look back
- Added new plant growing messages (no oxygen, temperature not adequate, radiation too high, no light) to better indicate why a plant is not growing
- Updated drone colliders to have more "weak" spots (head multipliers will apply)
- Do not display dead enemy drone units (red blips) in maps anymore
- Drone types are now differentiated by color (Minigun = blue, Rocket = red)
- Techtree tweaks (before there were some inconsistencies): SV can now be built at level 5, CV can now be built at level 7
- Allow upgrading device when needed material is in connected inventory/container
- Increased range of Repair Bay and changed Repair-2-T Activation Process
- Differentiate now resources with different hitpoints: ResourceSoft, ResourceMedium, ResourceHard
- Shotguns can now destroy enemy spawner pads
- Added possibility to upgrade growing pots: Wood > Cement > Steel
- Reputation balancing: when now destroying an NPC block/device, reputation behaves as with attacking an NPC or opening container > reputation falls to neutral and with repeated action then to unfriendly
- When opening a container of a NPC faction, now a warning popup appears to indicate that opening the container will result in a drop of repuation

Visuals and Sound Improvements:
- Updated color masks on most devices to have better coloring (no un-colorable gray parts anymore)
- Improved player light (added flare, MP support, light now only available when wearing armor)
- Added volumetric lights to player suit light, growlight, flashlight and motorbike

- Replaced all Zirax weapon models with higher quality versions (same for Polaris Assault Cyborg)
- Added more variations for Zirax (helmet etc)
- Added new Asteroid Ring to space playfields (scenario creators might need to update the position for voxel asteroids if they are handplaced)

- Updated models of Constructors, Deconstructor, Power Generators (BA,CV), Fuel/O2 Tanks (BA,CV), Oxygen Station (BA,CV), Medic and Cloner Station (BA,CV), Portal

- Updated deco plants for bases (plant pots)- Hurt sound of male/female is now less dominant and annoying
- Updated 3d models of rocket projectiles
- Tweaked night light intensity on moons (most were too dark, MoonIce was too bright)
- Desaturated flashy NPC faction colors
- Improved map and planet outside view
- Several playfields tweaks (terrain textures, night clouds color, music etc)

Improved Game Start for Random Default Scenario:
- Several convenience improvements
- More rock resources in starter biome
- Added "Base Starter" to Personal Container of Wreckage
- Overall more resource deposits
- Added 1 gold resource deposit
- Wreckage spawns now closer to start area
- Improved deco distribution, added more biomes
- Better biome spawning of creatures

Robinson Protocol Improvements:
- Better player guidance
- Updated information given for some PDA Info descriptions (f.ex. Vessel-Build descriptions)
- Crushed Stone now also completes rock mining
- Added reference of Empyriopedia (Doctors Journal, Biologist Guide) in appropriate places
- Updated formatting
- Removed info-reference about arid playfield in temperate playfield robinson protocol mission

Builders and Scenario Creators Improvements:
- Allow boarding ramps now also on Bases
- Deco devices (antenna, pipes, etc) from group DecoVesselBlocks are now also placeable on bases > renamed into "General Devices (Deco)"
- Open Cockpit SV/HV is now only 2 blocks high
- Moved ScifiChair to front (better combination possibility with table)
- No Blueprint spawn restrictions applied in GodMode-Invisible anymore (now you can spawn any POI in survival for testing)
- Build settings dialog: activating selection button switches symmetry plane now off
- Some renaming for consistency (pls adapt your custom config.ecf, trader config and PDA):
* CrystalWarp > PentaxidCrystal
* WarpDriveTank > PentaxidTank
* WarpDriveTankSV > PentaxidTankSV
- Added possibility to use 4 additional underground textures (for layers or resources) - see "te" editor:
* In total 20 texture slots (slots 0-19)
* Surface textures: slots 0-11
* Underground / resource textures: slots 9-19 (note: slots 0-11 can also be used for underground/resource textures)
> Now all Voxel resources on planets have correct textures (no generic texture anymore)

AI Update:
- Improved Talon behavior
- Improved Alien Civilians and AssaultCyborg behavior

General Balancing:
- Significantly reduced damage of rocket drones on player
- Increased health gain from Bandages
- Increased hitpoints of SV and CV Thrusters and Jet-Thrusters
- Corrected a few settings in handheld weapon stats ( f.ex. stats that were not in line with expected T1>T2>Epic progression; example: Recoil should be lower on Epic than on T2 version )
- Survival Tool: increased Damage (ResourceDrill)
- Drill T2 & Epic Drill: increased Damage and Radius (ResourceDrill & FineDrill)
- Increased SU of some deco blocks (Furniture and tech block that should visually have a bigger inventory)
- Survival Tool: increased damage from 20 to 35

Drill Balancing Update:
- Added first iteration of material progression
* Tier I: Iron, Silicon, Copper, Promethium
* Tier II: Cobalt, Magnesium, Gold, Neodymium, Sathium
* Tier III: Erestrum, Zascosium, Pentaxid
Note: The progression currently only decides how FAST you can mine a tier with each drill, where Tier 3 "times" are currently similar wo what it would take to mine for example Iron in the current public version
- Removed Mechanical Drill T1; Survival Tool will take its place (with 5m range for the drill mode) - adapted PDA, playfield.yaml, templates etc
- Adjusted all handheld and vessel drill speeds to new material tiers
Example: For our Test Deposit T1 it took 26 seconds to fully mine it with the Survival Drill Mode. With a T2 Handheld Drill it would take 9 seconds. With a HV fixed drill it takes about 2-3 seconds. For our Test Deposit T3, ST drill took 40 seconds (that is actually the same speed for a T3 deposit as in the current public alpha for the ores, all considered T1!) and the Epic Drill took 15 seconds.

> Balancing Note: Currently a DAMAGE value beyond 900 does not make drilling faster, as this is already the 'Instant-Remove' for a T3 deposit (T2 = 750, T1 = 600), what means damage of 2000 is not faster than a damage of 900, as you can not work faster than 'instant' of course ;)

> Testing Please test the new drilling speeds well. The drills should be considerably faster than in the current alpha by at least factor 1.5 - 3 compared to the T1 ores and should not be slower than the current public alpha speed for the now grouped T3 deposit ores.

Gameplay Improvements: Epic Weapons
- Epic Sniper: Laser particle effects
- Epic Minigun: Laser particle effects
- Epic Shotgun: auto mode (+increased RoF)
- Epic Pistol: auto mode
- Epic Rocket Launcher: auto mode (RoF needs to be increased to make sense)
- Epic Plasma Cannon: auto mode (RoF needs to be increased to make sense)

Rebalanced Handheld Weapons:
- All values are now calculated in a consistent manner: T2 = x% better than T1, Epic = x% Better than T2
Global Value Changes in %: (T1 vs. T2; T2 vs. Epic)
> Degradation: -25%; -35%
> RoF: +15%; +15%
> Range: +10%; +20%
> Bullet Spread: -25%; -50%
> Recoil: -20%; -40%
> Mag Size: +40%; +60%
> Reload Time: -5%; -15%
> Damage: +15%; +30%
Exceptions: Epic Rocket Launcher and Epic Plasma Cannon do have non-calculated values for reload time (higher), Mag Size (fixed to 3) and RoF (fast).

- The balancing of the hand weapons is first and foremost aimed towards bringing all the hand weapons in line with a consistent progression within their own tiers.
- Therefore all the values have been slightly adjusted to achieve this goal.
- We might do further changes, like adjusting damage values (very likely) or for specializing certain weapons vs. certain enemies or give some weapons unique properties (like the Fast-Firing Mode of the Epic Plasma and Rocket Launchers) which might then required to adjust the weapon performance out of the order of the calculated progression.
- Said that, the current re-balancing should be seen as an intermediate step towards a more interesting hand weapon gameplay.
- We are looking forward to your ideas how we should proceed with the hand weapons progression in future iterations.

Additional Changes for Rebalanced Weapons:
- Reduced Drop chance of Epic weapons due to their significantly increased performance figures
- Epic Sniper and Epic Minigun now use laser rifle ammo to reflect the changes made.
- Added beam to laser rifle epic (for testing > feedback required. problem is that in aimed mode the weapon shakes too much)

GUI Improvements:
- Improved tooltip behavior: Tooltip text is displayed below mouse cursor (not next to it) and tooltip will be removed when the player clicks on the respective UI item
- Added additional toggles for Signals and Customs to Control Panel
- Updated MP Choose Planet window.
- Added “Spawn Name” as a new column (behind Group Name) to F2 BP Window
- Updated Control Panel display:
* Pentaxid Tank should always be displayed even if not placed on structure (currently not displayed and thus not consistent with eg oxygen tank)
* Re-arranged windows in lower part. From left to right > Power | Shield | Ammo | Oxygen | Fuel | Pentaxid
* Do not display Thruster and Auto Break buttons for BASES (only for CV, SV, HV)
* Added “Damage Level” in % above Battery

- Added possibility to script a PDA in C#
- Increased version number of custom Config.ecf > your current version is not active until you increase version number (pls update ecf properly)
- Added ShieldCapacity and ShieldRecharge to ECF
- Supporting shield damage multiplier (DamageMultiplier and BlastDamageMultiplier) > you can now create weapons that only reduce shields and do no damage to hull
- Supporting property "Discovery - False" in Properties of yaml now. Added new yaml param to several starter bases (eg TemperateStarter2) so they are not "discovered" (XP gain) on game start
- "ShieldCooldown", "ShieldPerCrystal" are now exported to Config.ecf
- ModApi: some enhancements, loading mods now also on a PF server
- Added possibility to color clouds in the night similar to day cloud color (CloudsNightZenithColor, CloudsNightHorizonColor)

Other Changes:
- Allow to spawn Base Attack drones via "debug menu"
- Renamed "Body Temperature" into "Suit Temperature"
- Renamed Hover Thruster to "Ground Repulsor Engine" (to indicated that it is less capable than the more advanced Hover Engine) and changed block description accordingly
- Implemented new fullscreen handling (incl. 'Exclusive Fullscreen'), fixed wrong description of borderless window, fixed init bug in multiple choice button
- Better player guidance for solar panels: added efficiency to block info
- Solar panels: memory allocation optimization
- Changed server start scripts to close their window after a timeout (otherwise they may stay forever)
- Added VolumeCapacity to ContainerPersonal
- Proof-read and corrections to Robinson Protocol.
- Removed 2 broken space POIs (BAO_Migotzu-Orbital-Hub, BAO_AntarisSpacefarm)

Console Commands:
- Added possibility to dynamically reload new shape window while game is running via "shapeswdw reload"
- Added console command to monitor the solar panels
- Added permissions to more console cmds
- Added missing permission info to several console cmds (cmds were already were restricted)
- Added console cmd "shield"
- Added hitpoints of a block to console command 'di' debug overview
- Added console command 'gameid [id]' for dedicated servers that shows/changes the unique game id. Changing the game id will result in regenerating the cache on client side on next connect.

SSG Update:
- Added possibility to generate random custom scenarios

PDA Improvements:
- Added possibility to hide Action Titles in the HUD.
- Reduced time before autostarting PDA when spawning in a structure from 5 to 1.5.
- Resized dialog box to height instead of width for very long messages
- NearUnit check now more flexible for designers. Wait up to 3 seconds for structures to load to find Unit blocks when unloading proxy entities.

POI Update:
- Major update of POI set for XENU: a big thanks to Frigidman
- Updated Ghyst and Rados POIs: thanks to Frigidman
- Some Wreckage POIs are now buried 1m in ground

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Several block shapes with mirror issues > now all blocks should mirror correctly
- Fixed: Bug that did not allow to let players enter playfields if there were more than 255 structures (old limit)
- Fixed: [MP] Food can insta-spoil when picked whilst connected to a different structure's container
- Fixed: Problem that player bike was not able to drive underground as it was always teleported up
- Fixed: Buying from Trader/Trading Station still possible when inventory capacity reached
- Fixed: Problem that NPC did not move correctly in some space POIs (we now spawn all space POIs horizontal to avoid this problem)
- Fixed: Docked vessels can become misplaced after playfield changes
- Fixed: Some NPCs not respecting sensor checkboxes
- Fixed: Sometimes not starting in the wreckage base but in a crashed ship on Starter Planet 2 (Wreckage Start)
- Fixed: Problem that player could respawn underground in crashed ship that was buried (removed medic station/clone chamber from crashed POIs)
- Fixed: Signal/Circuit UI list disappearing after opening a drop down option
- Fixed: Wrong error message "Ship type cannot be repaired" when the ship to repair was hovering a bit too high over the repair bay
- Fixed: When armor is shift+Left clicked from the armor locker while seated in a cockpit it gets stuck & lost in the ship's tool bar
- Fixed: SI working incorrect from some sides
- Fixed: Sentry Gun 2 - Player (Retractable) breaks off when placed the first time
- Fixed: Disconnecting from a connected container with items in the connected toolbar leads to an empty grid and the yellow coloring stays
- Fixed: Not enough Upgrade Points to unlock all devices at level = 25 (now added 250 more Upgrade Points)
- Fixed: [MP] Entering a cockpit of a docked vessel at high altitude will kill the player & the vessel will get removed on 2nd attempt
- Fixed: Blueprint sometimes spawns without Solar Panels
- Fixed: The SI debug display doesn't always correctly show the amount of stress when weight is added vertically.
- Fixed: Logistic Menu: Right side does not scroll with mouse wheel
- Fixed: Fuel disappears from a base if you power it on before adding fuel to it.
- Fixed: Colliders on large boarding ramps
- Fixed: Animals not walking in special places - getting stuck in small corridors
- Fixed: Possible to still fly whilst thrusters are turned off whilst cruise is on
- Fixed: Bloom was overblown in several use cases
- Fixed: Logistics window: Access-Device button sometimes not usable in MP after DSL unload
- Fixed: Fire status effect gets not removed in some use cases
- Fixed: After a Drone base has regenerated Drones no longer spawn from it
- Fixed: Ground blast particles of SV/CV not working correctly anymore
- Fixed: Thruster speed exploit
- Fixed: Landing a vessel on a repair bay with 'Automatic mode' checked will activate it before the player leaves the bounding box.
- Fixed: Changemode option in some scenarios when used can trigger a CoQ after leaving the save & trying to reload into it
- Fixed: Issue with seed 0 overwriting new save games seeds when trying to make a new game after leaving a server.
- Fixed: Retrieving 'DecoTribalBlocks' deco puts the retrieved block into the wrong group 'Furnishings (Deco)'
- Fixed: Grass movement messed up during 'bad weather' transitions
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes bases had no O2 even though O2 indicator is shown
- Fixed: Changing from orbit to atmosphere sometimes removes all deco from terrain
- Fixed: Inconsistency with upgrading devices (eg Cockpits T1 > T2, Thruster GV T1 > T2): for these devices you needed T1 as input even though T1 was already placed
- Fixed: Anti Grief only if RegenAfter is set
- Fixed: Drone manager - reset correctly the number of replacement drone
- Fixed: Drones with double barrel did not hit player reliable
- Fixed: Revealing sectors were causing map breakage.
- Fixed: Cockpits collision model is incorrect
- Fixed: Sometime unable to start game due to input exceptions (invalid control config data)
- Fixed: Plants have stopped growing in growing plots
- Fixed: Space playfields do not work with AllowBlueprint parameters
- Fixed: Problem that HV/CV drill/turrets could not harvest resource rocks
- Fixed: NPC's getting stuck sometimes on surroundings in underground POI
- Fixed: Structural integrity is not updating when placing blueprints in suitable locations
- Fixed: PvP mode overlay in world map
- Fixed: Thruster 'heat & radiation volume' area changes when depending on the vessels orientation.
- Fixed: Memory leak due to AI spawning
- Fixed: Scenario games in MP not using correct static template if scenario is purely random (its own solarsystemconfig.yaml)
- Fixed: Exception in some cases when generating playfields where very first POI is a player start (no NullPoi available)
- Fixed: Aiming of Pulse Rifle (now scoped aiming)
- Fixed: Tribal Bazar Arid was indestructible (changed Admin Core into normal Alien Core)
- Fixed: SurvivalTool beams had wrong distance (visually)
- Fixed: Alien containers have been listed in dropdowns in Logistic Menu
- Fixed: NPC Health Bars not scaled properly
- Fixed: Building exploit (ghost devices)
- Fixed: Ore deposit 'overspawned' by POI and removed > now place resources after all POIs have been placed to prevent structures from 'overspawning' resources, causing empty resource nodes and POIs placed directly over deposits.
- Fixed: Mod: Player inventory modifying requests don't respect open Logistic window showing that
- Fixed: Possible to place blocks inside of Boarding Ramp bounding box.
- Fixed: SI debug overlay not always activating when checked
- Fixed: Instant-Production speed does not trigger PDA checks when used in any constructor
- Fixed: Deco – OmicronPlant: White squares as falling leaves if removed
- Fixed: PDA (Default Akua-Omicron, Default Multiplayer) - Changed GHOST entries to GHYST so the missions affected work again
- Fixed: Area damage gets removed when firing from forward moving vessel
- Fixed: LCD getting switched off automatically if underground
- Fixed: Corrupt player avatar colors
- Fixed: 'Small Table' deco positioned incorrectly
- Fixed: Problem with not placing some POIs (MoonDesert, Ghyst HQ etc)
- Fixed: PDA Mission "Raid Alien POIs" did not work due to wrong Core check
- Fixed: Wrong spotlight on stock HV T1a
- Fixed: Player report: Plants have stopped growing in growing plots
- Fixed: Decoration Respawn on GreenWall
- Fixed: Wrong loot in very rare alien container (single device instead of group)
- Fixed: Modular Wing Connector (Medium) was placed wrong
- Fixed: It was possible to destroy rocks with plasma cannon
- Fixed: PDA - creature spawns of 'Crime Scene Cleaner' (Now Alien/Legacy creatures should spawn again and be counted towards the mission goal)
- Fixed: [Mirror] Placing any block or device INTO the mirror plane leads to loss of one device
- Fixed: Orbit resource asteroids are not depleting when mining them with CV lasers or the drill turret
- Fixed: Do not re-autoactivate chapters that are completed with no remaining repeats with ChapterActivation.
- Fixed: BA/CV/HV/SV O2 Station - No Sound
- Fixed: PDA tasks are not completed when player is not seated in his vessel
- Fixed: Exception when starting a PDA mission in certain use cases.
- Fixed: Exploit: [MP] Armor locker / repair station item duplication
- Fixed: Not working animation on Troop Transport / Not working Thruster effect
- Fixed: Exception for space playfields when fixed player start assigns equipment.
- Fixed: Video Options: Changing Depth-of-Field reloads Trees
- Fixed: Particle effect on MoundzTreePrefab was wrong
- Fixed: Invisible blockface in structures
- Fixed: NPC's with ranged attacks not firing at players
- Fixed: Deconstructing T2 cockpits return T1 cockpits
- Fixed: Stair blocks had inconsistent hitpoints

For the full list of bug fixes, please visit:
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.7: Unity 2018.3 - Back to RakNet

Update: Mai 7, 2019 - Fixed local coop

Changelog: Alpha 9.7.1 (Build 2321)
- Fixed: Local Coop: Cannot connect via Friends tab in Server Browser
- Fixed: Large PDA window was shown when starting local coop
- Fixed: Logistics window exploit
- Fixed: Blueprint save data in MP (now BP spawns without any ammo)


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released a new update with Unity 2018.3 on the public branch. For this update, we switched the network protocol back to RakNet since UNET could not handle the network traffic on busy servers. We had to do some extensive internal refactoring to ensure that RakNet is working with Unity 2018.3.

Please let us know if you experience any problems.

Changelog: Alpha 9.7 (Build 2319)

- Switched network protocol back to RakNet
- Internal refactoring to make sure RakNet is compatible with Unity 2018.3
- Optimized RakNet protocol (now sending packages with different priorities)
- Updated EAH Tool:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Set Anti Grief distance only if RegenAfter is set for a POI
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.7: Unity 2018.3

Update: April 23, 2019
We are really sorry, but we had to temporarily revert back to Unity 2018.1 (Alpha 9.6 - Build 2307) since UNET causes some problems that we need to address first. Your save games should be fully compatible with Alpha 9.6.

Alpha 9.7 (Build 2316) will stay on the EXPERIMENTAL branch.


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Given that our Unity 2018.1 version finally seems to be stable, we released Alpha 9.7 where we upgraded the game engine to Unity 2018.3. For this upgrade, we had to switch the network protocol to Unity UNET.

Please let us know if you notice any problems in multiplayer.


Changelog: Alpha 9.7 (Build 2316)


- Upgraded game engine to Unity 2018.3
- Switched network protocol to Unity UNET
- Increased wait time for local coop server from 10 to 20 seconds
- Improved telnet connection
- Added PDA parameter ListVisibility to allow for previews of deactivated, invisible chapters. To help guide players to activation positions
- Mod: Player inventory modifying requests don't respect open Logistic window showing that

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Instant-Production speed does not trigger PDA checks when used in any constructor
- Fixed: Broken inner glass texture on vessel cockpits for last damage state
- Fixed: Sometimes consuming an item reduces body radiation
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.6: Unity 2018.1


Update: April 4, 2019 - 2.30pm CEST

Unity 2018 (Build 2307) is live again on the public branch!

Bug Fixes:
- Possible fix for login problems
- Fixed: Server communication hangs
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
- Fixed: Corrupt player avatar colors
- Fixed: HullArmoredFull / HullArmoredThin had no dynamic HP calculation (now the dynamic calc is based on SV/HV structures)
- Fixed: Cockpits collision model is incorrect
- Fixed: Problem that player could respawn underground in crashed ship that was buried (removed medic station/clone chamber from crashed POIs)
- Fixed: NearUnit checks in MP
- Fixed: New blockshapes do not stop upgrade-beam when on the CS material level
- Fixed: Shooting dancing alien leads to removal of complete base


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are giving Unity 2018 another try. As mentioned the last time, the ideal outcome would be that you do not see any difference to the last public release version Alpha 9.5.0 (Build 2294) - except performance improvements :)

For bug reports, please visit:


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.6.0 (Build 2302)

- Upgraded game engine to Unity 2018.1: in a first step, we have upgraded to Unity 2018.1 and if everything runs smoothly we will upgrade to Unity 2018.3 in a second step
- Re-added legacy cockpits to cockpit block group due to popular demand
- Updated Robinson Protocol and PDA missions (better timing, better explanations etc)
- Updated Localization.csv

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes in Coop player do not start in same wreckage POI. It could happen that player spawns in POI far away from crashsite (to fix this problem, we had to rename some BPs to make sure they do not have "Wreckage" as spawn name)
- Fixed: Choose planet window for multiplayer always showing default image.
- Fixed: Some Wreckage POIs are now buried 1m in ground
- Fixed: Culture-dependent floating point conversions
- Fixed: Mass / Volume of Open Cockpit 1
- Fixed: Sector map does not load
- Fixed: No POI was spawning on Ocean Planet
- Fixed: Problem that player could get stuck in a pile of corpses
- Fixed: Unable to start game due to input exceptions (invalid control config data)
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions

Alpha 10: Sneak Preview
Our small team continues to work hard on the upcoming major update Alpha 10. A highly requested feature will make it into Alpha 10. Can you guess what feature we are working on?


Update: March 28, 2019 - 5pm CET

We reverted back to Alpha 9.5 since there are still several problems with Unity 2018 (especially network problems). We collected enough data with Unity 2018 and will now debug again - the EXP server will stay on Unity 2018.

Stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

A9.6 U2018.1 is still on the Experimental branch for those who would like to remain on it & try it out.


Update: March 28, 2019 - 1:30pm CET

Unity 2018 is live again (Build 2304)

Bug Fixes:
- More fixes regarding global floating point number format
- Fixed: List sorting in Server Browser
- Fixed: Terrain Editor change and save leading to broken textures


Update: March 27, 2019 - 8pm CET

We are really sorry, but some bugs only come up when a lot of players play the game. This happened and forces us to do one more round of debugging... For now, we switched back to Alpha 9.5 (Unity 2017)!

We might need to switch between Unity 2017 and Unity 2018 a couple of times to squeeze all bugs linked to the new Unity version. Please note that save games are fully compatible between the two Unity versions.

Thank you in advance for your patience. Sorry again and stay tuned!


Update: March 27, 2019 (12:30 PM CET)
We had to temporarily switch back to Alpha 9.5.0 (B2294) due to problems with reading custom Config.ecf
> we will fix this problem and release Alpha 9.6 in a couple of hours again


Update: March 27, 2019 (4:30 PM CET) - Build 2303
- Fixed: Problem with custom Config.ecf in MP
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.5: Armored Cockpits, New Planet, Advanced Game Start

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

To sweeten the waiting time for Alpha 10, we decided to release Alpha 9.5 from the A9 branch with some goodies such as armored SV/HV cockpits, a new planet, an advanced game start for experienced players, bug fixes and more.

In addition, we are still working on preparing the code for the Unity 2018 upgrade. Unfortunately, it takes more time than expected.

For bug reports, please visit:


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.5.0 (Build 2294)

New Armored Cockpits (SV / HV):
- Added armored cockpits for SV / HV that have much higher hitpoints than standard cockpits

- Armored cockpits can be upgraded from standard cockpits

Re-Balanced SV/HV Cockpits and other Cockpit Tweaks:
- Slightly increased Hitpoints of most standard Cockpits
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of both Open Cockpits considerably
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of standard Closed Cockpit 05 to match size/block count relative to the others
- Do not display old legacy cockpits anymore
- Added max count of 2 for SV/HV cockpits (per group) - only active if enabled in gameoptions.yaml
- Updated model of Cockpit 3 (less frames to have better visibility)

New Planet:
- Added new Ocean Planet

Improved Game Start:
- Added alternative start on Temperate Planet (TemperateStarter2):

Start in wreckage base with advanced equipment and no Tutorial (Robinson Protocol)
> for experienced player who do not need the tutorial and who want to progress faster
- Added Wreckage POI instead of JunkT2 so player has already a base earlier in game (only on Temperate Planet - Escape Pod start)
- When Robinson Protocol is skipped, the player gets Portable Constructor, Motorbike and Detector
- Added more info about starter planets in New Game Menu
- Reduced amount of Crushed Stone needed to obtain Iron, Copper, Silicon Ore in Constructor
- Added more rock resources in starter biomes to easier obtain Crushed Stone
- Zirax POI is now sufficiently far away from JunkT2 / Wreckage

Other Changes:
- More code preparations for Unity 2018 upgrade
- Removed CPU Points from main page of Control Panel (now CPU Points are only displayed in Statistics window): It seems that some players were irritated by the prominent place CPU points had in the control panel.
- Adapted info text in gameoptions_example.yaml to make clear that CPU Points is WIP
- Decreased energy consumption of CC / CE (BACV: CC = 10PU. CE = 3PU, SVHV: CC = 3PU, CE = 1PU)
- Updated terrain of moon playfields

- Renamed "Body Temperature" into "Suit Temperature"
- Added energy need for "Wireless Connection"
- Added new (non-craftable) items for Trading:

AlienOrganism, AncientRelics, Fertilizer, Leather, Liquors, LuxuryGoods, Narcotics, Optronics, RawDiamond, Robotics, ToxicWaste
(items not yet used for traders in the Vanilla version but you can already use them for your custom scenarios)
- Sun is now less flat to have better lighting in Creative Mode > Orbit
- Added new yaml parameter "PlanetClass" which can be used to not display PDA chapters if multiple planets of the same type are available (see TemperateStarter and TemperateStarter2)
- Exchanged PlantMonster with Creepy in PDA (Akua-Omicron Scenario)

Updated PDA Robinson Protocol:
- Better integrated Wreckage into PDA Robinson Protocol
- Updated information given for some PDA Info descriptions (e.g. Vessel building description)
- Crushed Stone now also completes rock mining
- Added references to Empyriopedia (Doctors Journal, Biologist Guide) in appropriate places
- Removed info-reference about arid playfield in temperate playfield Robinson Protocol mission

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Not possible to add blocks to a starter block placed on a Base surface
- Fixed: Troop transporters constantly attacking player base
- Fixed: Backpack sync exploit
- Fixed: Creative Mode: cannot access POI after replacing NPC type core
- Fixed: Mining rocks did not give XP
- Fixed: Container Scrollbar cache makes smaller containers first rows sometimes inaccessible
- Fixed: Survival tent destroyed when dropped and when picked up with inventory full
- Fixed: Dropping Antenna Blocks did not give back any devices
- Fixed: Problem that all devices displayed mass of 2kg in Control Panel
- Fixed: Problem that MoonNascent playfield was always the same (fixed seed)
- Fixed: Problem that under POI texture was changing between Forest and DeepForest on Temperate Planets
- Fixed: Problem that lava fog was activated in all Lava playfields
- Fixed: Colliders too wide on 2 sector map buttons
23/05/2019 06:49:36


Update: March 5, 2019 (Build 2293)

- Added new starter planet (TemperateStarter2): Like Temperate Starter but with advanced equipment and in Wreckage Base
- Added more info about starter planets in New Game Menu
- Added new Ocean Planet
- Updated moon playfields
- Do not display old legacy cockpits anymore in Creative Menu
- Added max count of 2 for SV/HV cockpits (per group)
- Sort start planets by Difficulty and display PlayfieldLevel string in planet info
- Added new yaml parameter "PlanetClass" , use PlanetClass in other info windows (maps, etc)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that MoonNascent playfields was always the same (fixed seed)
- Fixed: Troop transporters constantly attacking player base
- Fixed: Problem that under POI texture was changing between Forest and DeepForest on Temperate Planets
- Fixed: Problem that lava fog was activated in all Lava playfields
- Fixed: Container Scrollbar cache makes smaller containers first rows inaccessible
- Fixed: Colliders too wide on 2 sector map buttons


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the EXPERIMENTAL version of Alpha 9.5. Even though it is a relatively small update for our standards, we decided to increase the version number to 9.5 since it has more content than just a hotfix.

CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.5 (Build 2290)

New Armored Cockpits (SV / HV):
- Added armored cockpits for SV / HV that have much higher hitpoints than standard cockpits
- Armored cockpits can be upgraded from standard cockpits

Re-Balanced all SV/HV Cockpits:
- Slightly increased Hitpoints of most T1 Cockpits
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of both Open Cockpits considerably (> please feedback!)
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of Closed Cockpit 05 to match size/block count relative to the others

Improved Game Start:
- Reduced Amount of CrushedStones need to obtain Iron, Copper, Silicon Ore in Constructor
- Added more rock resources in starter biomes
- Added Wreckage POI instead of JunkT2 so player has already a base earlier in game (only on Temperate Planet)
- Zirax POI is now sufficiently far away from JunkT2 / Wreckage

Updated PDA Robinson Protocol:
- Added skip rewards to Robinson Protocol: when RP is skipped player gets Portable Constructor, Motorbike and Detector
- Better integrated Wreckage into PDA Robinson Protocol
- Updated information given for some PDA Info descriptions (f.ex. Vessel-Build descriptions)
- Crushed Stone now also completes rock mining
- Added reference of Empyriopedia (Doctors Journal, Biologist Guide) in appropriate places
- Removed info-reference about arid playfield in temperate playfield Robinson Protocol mission

Other Changes:
- More code preparations for Unity 2018 upgrade
- Removed CPU Points from main page of Control Panel (now CPU Points are only displayed in Statistics window): It seems that some players were irritated by the prominent place CPU points had in the control panel.
- Adapted info text in gameoptions_example.yaml to make clear that CPU Points is WIP
- Decreased energy consumption of CC / CE (BACV: CC = 10PU. CE = 3PU, SVHV: CC = 3PU, CE = 1PU)
- Renamed "Body Temperature" into "Suit Temperature"
- Added energy need for RemoteConnection
- Added new (non-craftable) items for Trading: AncientRelics, ToxicWaste, AlienOrganism, Leather, Optronics, Liquors, Narcotics, Robotics, Fertilizer, LuxuryGoods, RawDiamond (not yet used for traders in the Vanilla version but you can already use them for your custom scenarios)
- Sun is now less flat to have better lighting in Creative Mode > Orbit
- Exchanged PlantMonster with Creepy in PDA (Akua-Omicron Scenario)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Not possible to add blocks to a starter block placed on a Base surface
- Fixed: Backpack sync exploit
- Fixed: CREATIVE: cannot access POI after replacing NPC type core
- Fixed: Mining rocks did not give XP
- Fixed: Survival tent destroyed when dropped and when picked up with inventory full
- Fixed: Dropping AntennaBlocks did not give back any devices
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.4.1: Bug Fixes and Changed Folder Structure

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 9.4.1 from the A9 branch with important bug fixes that cannot wait until the next major A10 release. Moreover, we changed the folder structure of the Client and the Dedicated Server in the Steam install directory to prepare the upcoming Unity 2018.3 game engine upgrade.

The new folder structure is as follows:

Empyrion Client:
|----- Client
|----- DedicatedServer (for local Coop)
|----- SolarSystemGenerator

Empyrion - Dedicated Server:
|----- DedicatedServer
|----- PlayfieldServer

- You need to adapt your firewall settings to take into account the new .exe files - otherwise the servers will not show up in the server list
- EmpyrionAdminHelper (EAH) tool has been moved into DedicatedServer folder

After updating to A9.4.1, please make sure to "Verify Integrity of Game Files" via Steam Client before you start the game.

For bug reports, please visit:


Emp Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 9.4.1 (Build 2288)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Terrain is not correctly removed for POIs that use playfield parameter "DroneBaseSetup" (eg drone bases)
- Fixed: Wrong y-offset for several POI (especially drone bases)
- Fixed: Issue with capacitor/battery amount not updating fast enough leading to problem with food spoiling in Food Processor and Fridge (MP)
- Fixed: Problem with explosion calculation in PvE (MP)
- Fixed: AI sometimes shooting through walls
- Fixed: Docked ship not always getting attached to parent ship (invisible colliders)
- Fixed: Cockpit collision exploit
- Fixed: HV Docking exploit
- Fixed: Not enough Upgrade Points to unlock all devices at level 25 (we added 250 more Upgrade Points)
- Fixed: Normal Zirax had still new Base Attack weapon config and thus were overpowered (ie Zirax could easily destroy base blocks)
- Fixed: Modular Wing Connector (Medium) was placed wrong
- Fixed: Problem that SciFi Bed could not be removed / had strange collision
- Fixed: Tribal Cauldron 2 cannot be removed
- Fixed: Troop transports turning & moving away when they reach a destination
- Possible fix for occasional problem with structure duplication
- Fixed: SV\HV open cockpits have broken building size model
- Fixed: Occasional PDA entity link didn't find the block due to the entity still loading. Wait up to 3 seconds for structure to load to link the pois.
- Fixed: Pda NearPoi and NearUnit checks
- Fixed: Missing new shapes for Xeno Steel Blocks and wrong Block Info for Xeno Steel Blocks
- Fixed: Several problems with terrain deco (AkuaPlant2 and CrystalsPyramidOrange have wrong colliders, AlienPlant11Blue has broken texture, AlienPlant11 is placed deep underground, AlienPlantReef2 is scaled far too small and has missing texture on fruits )

- Changed folder structure of Client and Dedicated Server in Steam install directory
- Removed NPC faction missions from MP Default Scenario (note that the MP scenario intentionally has a different setup of POI and playfield content. As a consequence, the missions that work in the SP Default Scenario do not work in the MP Scenario. We will have a look at more/new MP missions for the future)
- PDA: Improved POI and Near unit checks to include prefabSpecialLocalName in checks for more flexibility

Updated EAH Server Tool (Version
- For the changelog, see


Sneak Preview of A10:

On the main development branch, our team is working hard on Alpha 10 features which will be announced in due time. What we can already say is that the new base attack with Zirax troopers invading the base is coming along nicely.

The Zirax are approaching your base with drones and troop transporters:

Troop Transporters are unloading their units:

Troopers are approaching and invading your base:

Do your best to fend off the attack:

What might this special Zirax weapon be?

In our opinion, the new base attack adds a completely new dimension to the survival aspects of the game. It will give you a new threat level. The probability that your base will be attacked depends on several factors (proximity to enemy bases, in enemy territory or not, reputation, energy footprint of the base, size of the base etc).

Not only Zirax will attack your base but we are also working on a Talon base attack with a different attack flavor - more like a siege than an assault on your base.

But the new base attack is only one feature of the upcoming major Alpha 10 release. Stay tuned for more info….
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.4 - Hotfix Releases

(Check out our new Steam Banner)

Update: February 15, 2019 (Build 2281)

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Based on your feedback, we improved the Voxel calculation for mass and hitpoins of building blocks: while mass and hitpoints are still correlated to the size of the building block (ie shapes with more Voxels have higher mass/hitpoints), we adapted the formula that maps the Voxel count on mass/hitpoints.

Now, the smallest shape has the same mass/HP as in A9.3. From the mass/HP of the smallest shape, we interpolate to the max mass/HP of the largest shape (= full cube). Before, we interpolated from basically zero mass/HP to the max mass/HP of the largest shape, which resulted in overall lower mass/HP for all structures. Now, the mass/HP of an average structure should be roughly the same as in A9.3.

Here is a graphical illustration:

This was the situation in Alpha 9.3 where all Full Shapes had the same mass/HP and all Thin Shapes had the same mass/HP:

(Example: Steel Blocks for BA/CV)

Please let us know what you think of this change and if it now "feels" right again.

Changelog: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2281)

- Improved Voxel calculation for mass and HP of building blocks

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that wrong game could be loaded via Resume Game and double sounds appeared
- Fixed: Strange grass texture patterns in swamp biome on Temperate Planets


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a hotfix for Alpha 9.4. Thank you for your feedback and bug reports.

Bug Reports:


Emp Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2279)

- Showing correct VolumeCapacity of Container Controllers also in ControlPanel, ie VolumeCapacity will now be dynamically adapted according to number of Container Extensions
- UI improvements with dynamic grids (added missing grid backgrounds)
- Increased resolution of SV/HV Containers
- Turret Targeting: Predator faction checkbox now includes Alien faction (+adapted text of checkbox in Control Panel)
- Adapted Factions of NPCs: Creepy is now Predator faction and AlienBug02 is now Alien faction
- Updated some POI (AbandonedPOI and Artifacts): consistent spawning of NPC (eg no Spider01 in Aln Faction POI)
- Updated PDA: Added new bulletpoint 'NPC faction origins' to Explorers Journal (F1 > Empyriopedia), adding info which creatures and NPC belong to which faction (general and in terms of turret targeting)
- Allowing console command 'deco' only for game masters now
- Tweaked weapon handling of Survival Tool
- Updated ExamplePlanet with full list of available Soundtracks for scenario creators

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that food decayed in Food Processor after crafting some recipes
- Fixed: Exception when damaging blocks with low HP
- Fixed: Exception spam after placing the Survival tool into the quick access bar whilst in the escape pod
- Fixed: Constructor doesn't show all Templates
- Fixed: Floating decoration in POIs that use terrain filler blocks
- Fixed: CV/BA Controller wrong texture
- Fixed: Texture problem with SV Container (when container is placed, number was not displayed)
- Fixed: Alignment of scoped weapon is slightly tilted (Laser Pistol T2, Pulse Rifle T2, Epic Pulse Rifle)
23/05/2019 06:49:36

Alpha 9.4: General Update

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With Alpha 9.4, we are adding a completely new planet type, more variants and updated models of cargo containers and controllers, dynamic grids for large cargo containers, three new HV thrusters, many model updates, a major POI update, new building shapes, calculation of hitpoints and mass according to the shape of a block and much more.

Check out the full changelog below and do not forget to add your feedback on the changes, as well as report remaining bugs in our forum

Bug Reports Guidelines:


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2275)

Added new Planet “Barren Metal”:

- It is a highly radiated, dead planet with extreme temperatures

- Added BarrenMetal to random solar system generator
- Added new stamps and POIs for BarrenMetal

Added more Shapes for Building Blocks:

- This is a first iteration to expand the shapes atlas (which was limited to 64 slots before).
- The shapes added right now are some of those that were created a while ago, but did not fit into the old atlas as it ran out of slots.

- We already created a list of desirable new shapes from all your suggestions (and beyond). Those will go in production soon, but it might take a while until more will be added (Alpha 10)

Model Update and Additions:
- Updated models of SV/HV Container Controllers

- Updated models of SV/HV Containers

- Updated models of CV/BA Container Controllers

- Added new CV Cargo Containers (Palette)

- Added new plain emissive block texture (Xeno Steel)
- Updated Talon Crossbow model
- Updated model of Teleporter
- Updated sofa model
- Portal model has now a non-transparent backface to make clear that you cannot go through it

Thruster Update:
- Added 3 new HV Thrusters
- Updated Techtree for HV thrusters
- Added missing specs for some thrusters (temperature, radiation)
- Increased Thruster Force for all HV thrusters
- Balanced other parameters based on the changed Thruster Force for HV Thrusters
- Slightly adjusted SV Thrusters and Jet Thrusters
- Slightly adjusted CV Thrusters

- Using voxel shape of blocks to calculate their weight and hitpoints

- Added gameoptions.yaml parameter to limit the max number of spawned AI entities (MaxSpawnedEnemies): per default = 50
- Added dynamic grids for containers with VolumeCapacity larger than 8000 SU: the grids now extend if they are full
- Constructors using internal data containers (e.g. Portable Constructor) now also uses stuff from OUTPUT grid to craft next items
- Reduced impact of actions on reputation > Feedback required
- Removed motion sensor and light barrier sound > Feedback required
- Added Tx signal to Retractable Landing Gears
- Landing Gears are now visible in CP
- TotalHorror NPC: Reduced attack range and reduced probability to get AlienParasite
- Improved behaviour of Troop Transport: it now adapts its landing position dynamically dependent on player behavior

Major POI Update:
> Over 60 POIs adapted (updated / added) > A special thank you to our Builder's League - especially Fractalite, Frigidman, Ramachandra, Pantera and Taelyn
- Abandoned Buildings: Switched most of the Aln Buildings to Flat spawners and set to "Static" so you can actually clear an area without respawns.
- Updated several POIs (Abandoned Mine, Orbital Spire, Weapon Bunker etc): thanks to Frigidman, Ramachandra, Pantera
- Complete rework of Ghyst POIs > thanks to Frigidman
- Added new set of Talon POIs on Arid planet > thanks to Ramachandra
- Added new Talon Burial Chamber POI: thanks to Kaeser
- Added new Polaris POI: thanks to ravien_ff
- Updated POIs with underground part (now also set with "flatten terrain")
- Fixed: Door codes so you do not need to blast doors when on neutral/friendly/honored state for some Polaris POI
- Fixed: Wrong y offset of POIs (some POIs were not lowered sufficiently into terrain)

Updated Grass shader:
- Better visuals (more realistic wind effect, grass looks wet when raining, etc)

- Better performance
- Added possibility to scale grass on a per-biome basis (added YScale param to playfield_dynamic.yaml - see eg TemperateStarter or ExamplePlanet)

Playfield Update:
- Updated snow playfield / desert playfield

- Updated POI underground texture on several Moon playfields

- Improved preview in SSG so that you can now see the terrain (stamps and textures) as it appears ingame

- Exporting "FoodDecayTime" to Config.ecf
- Exporting more blocks to Config.ecf (eg all deco plants such as ElderberryBushDeco that are placeable in BA/CV etc)

Other Changes:
- Updated "Shadows of Starlight" scenario and made it visible again: Thanks to ASTIC > Feedback required
- Updated SSAO / Bloom Effects: should now have less performance impact
- Better ordering of block stats (Mass, Volume higher up in list)
- Directional sensor tuning for AI: should improve direction in which do animals wander or run away from the player
- Use 'N/A' for orbit 'planet size' in new game windows, rather than hiding the button.
- Depth-of-Field effect does not change with Quality Presets anymore - similar to SSR effect (if switched off, stays off even if Quality = Best)
- Updated gameoptions_example.yaml: added better descriptions and fixed several inconsistencies (it is now also generated for Default MP scenario)
- Updated Example Planet playfield_static.yaml
- Updated UI of "planet info" in-game (Planet Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large; Added Planet Difficulty; Removed Weather)
- Constructor Filter: Improved tooltip texts to better explain the filter's meaning

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: [MP] Plants spoiling after being picked when re-joining a server
- Fixed: Ventilator Oxygen exploit to get free O2
- Fixed: Picking up Dropcontainer with SHIFT-F when inventory slots are full, excess items are destroyed
- Fixed: Debug radar exploit
- Fixed: Landing gears animation stuck after removing other landing gears
- Fixed: Multiple NPC Trader spawn at one location after POI regenerates
- Fixed: T key not switching between player tool bar & virtual tool bar when using the personal drone.
- Fixed: When POI's with the 'BP flattens ground' box is checked the structures can get displaced & terrain can become deformed
- Fixed: When a AI Turret reloads on a vessel the mounted weapons will be forced to reload.
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes POIs were empty because NPCs have been despawned and did not reliably respaw when player re-enters POI (could happen especially for static spawners)
- Fixed: PDA not showing chapters in certain cases.
- Fixed: POI-Ground textures on DESERT playfield are showing black
- Fixed: Strange cutout of stones in water on Alien Planet
- Fixed: Animals spawning inside freshly build POI
- Fixed: Superspeed glitch teleport to the end of the universe
- Fixed: NPC Spawn trigger area is larger than shown
- Fixed: Clicking on resources in Statistics display shows internal names
- Fixed: Ore scanner outline not working with Drill Turret
- Fixed: POI cutout area had a gap to the terrain and sometimes terrain was not removed if checkbox "Flattens Ground" was not checked
- Fixed: When copying a save game, the new created game copy does not get highlighted
- Fixed: In some circumstances info-popups are not readable in the tech-tree - refine placement of tooltip based on actual height of panel
- Fixed: HV MultiTurret / DrillTurret > Naming wrong Block Group
- Fixed: Unable to start game when adding probabilities to Moon Playfield types.
- Fixed: [Volume limit] Using MultiTool to retrieve a block doesn't always drop the block if inventory is full
- Fixed: Some issues with POI underground textures on MoonDesert
- Fixed: POI group "TribalBazarStoneAux" was not spawned on AridStarter
- Fixed: Console command 'ag' not working properly
- Fixed: Problem that one could start in orbit in Akua-Omicron scenario and then fall on planet
- Fixed: Exception spam in client & PF logs due to AI Planet Vessel
- Fixed: Issue with selecting singleplayer & coop options in Start game menu > button was not always very responsive
- Fixed: AI Hint system: WormDesert did not react if another WormDesert was damaged
- Fixed: Problem that not all AI were able to “open doors” and “trigger sensors”
- Fixed: Telluropod not following you under water reliable
- Fixed: Holographic screen was not switched off on Scifi Deco Table without power
- Fixed: Clustering in Terrain shader
- Fixed: Typos in PDA
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